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  1. sid82

    L1A - Eligibility

    Hi All, I worked for company A (a global s/w company) in India for ~2.5 years. I moved to company B which is based in the US. Company B sponsored my H1B. I have been working for Company B for ~1 year now. Now Company A is offering me a managerial role in their US office. This might sound absurd, but asking it anyways. Can company A hire me on an L1A given I worked with them in their India office for 2+ years? Since I left employment in company A in between, will that preclude them from going with L1A option? Regards, Sid
  2. Thanks ashuneel. I was told by an immigration attorney that the I-140 approval notice copy is mandatory to initiate a quota exempt H1B petition. In its absence, I was told that they can't proceed further. Can anyone else confirm if this is accurate? If anyone in the similar situation and were able to get through the quota exempt H1 petition with just the USCIS receipt #, please comment. Thanks, Sid
  3. Are you referring to the one which starts with LINXXXX? I don't have the approval notice in my possession.
  4. sid82

    FOIA request - Referred to NVC

    @k_lalit_n I forwarded the request to NVC 2. Nope. I was told by USCIS that once I-140 is approved, US state department has the file 3. See above. When I contacted NVC via email (asknvc@state.gov), I received a response from them with my full case details (NVC Case# etc.). However, I haven't received the I-140 approval copy. I sent another request to them 1 month back and awaiting response. Thanks, Sid
  5. @ashuneel - I'm in a similar situation. Do we need the I-140 approval copy to pursue new H1B (quota exempt)?
  6. Hi, Can you brief us on how to check if the I-140 is still active? Are you referring to the USCIS case#? Btw, do you have the copy of the I-140 approval notice with you? I was told we need the copy of the approval for a company to apply for a H1B non exempt. Thanks, Sid
  7. sid82

    (time crunch) I40 porting with receipt # only ?

    @mkmbabu You can try sending the request through email. I sent the request to the following address by physical mail. Office of Information Programs and Services A/GIS/IPS U.S. Department of State, SA-2 Washington, DC 20522-8100 http://foia.state.gov/Request/VisaRecords.aspx
  8. sid82

    NVC Case#

    Thanks Ramya!
  9. sid82

    NVC Case#

    Hi Friends, My previous employer filed a I-140 on behalf of me and it got approved in March 2012. However, I had to move to India due to personal reasons. I don't have the Alien# nor the copy of the I-140 approval notice. The only piece of information I have with me is the USCIS Case# (LINxxxxxxxx). I would like to file a FOIA request to get a copy of the I-140 approval notice. Since my I-140 has already been approved, I assume it would have been sent to the NVC. I would like to know the NVC case#. Can someone guide me on how to request for one. Thanks, Sid
  10. sid82

    (time crunch) I40 porting with receipt # only ?

    Thanks itsmeusa. Last time around, I sent my FOIA request to the address mentioned in the link (office located in MO). I got a reply saying that I need to route my request to Office of Information Program & Services located in Washington DC. I wanted to confirm with folks who have submitted a FOIA request for their I-140 application. Thanks, Sid
  11. Thanks mate. I need some clarity on #2. If my employer has withdrawn I-140, can't my new employer file a fresh H1B petition (non-quota)? On #3, I am pretty sure my old employer did not take the consular processing route. I suspect I might have routed my FOIA request to the wrong department. I was browsing through the FOIA website and found the following address. I might try my luck again with the new address. Office of Information Programs and Services A/GIS/IPS U.S. Department of State, SA-2 Washington, DC 20522-8100 Cheers, Sid
  12. sid82

    (time crunch) I40 porting with receipt # only ?

    Hi loginanil, I would like to file a FOIA to request I-140 approval notice. I already filled the G-639 form. Can you reply back with mailing address where to route the FOIA request? Thanks, Sid
  13. Hello Friends, I was working full time with a big firm in southern California between 2010 and 2013. My employer initiated GC processing in 2012. My PD is March 2012. I decided to move to India for personal reasons and had to resign the company. I-140 was approved much before I resigned the company. Within 2 months after I reached India, my H1B was revoked. I checked the I-140 status on USCIS website and the status is the same as it was when it was approved. Can I assume that my I-140 wasn't revoked by the company? I have been thinking of contacting a small time consulting firm if they can initiate GC process as future employer. Can the new firm port my PD even if I-140 is revoked my earlier firm? I am not in possession of the I-140 approval copy. How do I proceed from here? If the new firm wants to initiate H1B extension, do I fall under annual quota? If not, then for how long I will get the extension for , 3 years? I filed a FOIA request earlier to retrieve my I-140, but quite strangely I was asked to route my request to the National Visa Center located in Washington DC. No luck there. Please lend me your thoughts. Thanks, Sid
  14. sid82

    FOIA request - Referred to NVC

    Hello Friends, I raised a FOIA request with USCIS regarding the I-140 my employer has filed. To give you a background. My employer processed my I-140 which got approved in Dec 2012. My priority date is March 2012. I had to return to India last year for some personal reasons. My H1B petition has been revoked within couple of months I landed in India. I am not sure if I-140 is revoked too. I raised a FOIA request to seek information about my I-140 (copy of my petition) from USCIS. I mentioned my petition number (LINXXXXXXXXXXXX) in the request. I have received the following response from USCIS. Dear ___ Your request was received in this office on Nov XX, 2013 regarding the subject : Receipt # (LINXXXXXXXXXXXX). After assessing your request, we determined that the responsive records are not under the purview of USCIS. We recommend that you redirect your request to the following government agency: National Visa Center/ US. Department of State Office of Information Programs and Services, SA-2 A/GIS/IPS/RL/RC 515 22nd Street, NW Washington, DC If you should have additional questions on the above subject, please direct your inquiries to the National Visa Center. Regards, ____ Did anyone receive a similar response. I am planning to approach the mentioned agency for processing my request. If anyone has any related experience, please do share. Thanks, Sid
  15. sid82

    H1B revoked

    Thanks for the reply. I will check with the employer. However, I am not quite sure about your statement that "Post decision activity" means there is some activity going on post the I140 decision. I checked the status even before I resigned from the company, and the status showed the same.