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  1. There are some slots open in Feb 2021 and Mar 2021.
  2. CoolDeep

    H1B + H4 + H4 EAD concurrent filling

    For Q29 - you need to provide your most recent receipt number of your approved H1 (which is your I129 petition)
  3. CoolDeep

    Refund $1225 from USCIS

    I think you cannot process I-485 under premium processing but I'm not sure.
  4. CoolDeep

    I485 Processing Time

    Hello Experts, My in-laws applied for I-485 on June 25. They wanted to know, how long does it take for the I-485 to get approved. As per USCIS, Vermont Service Center processing time range is between 11.5 months 20.5 months. If that is true, when they receive the approved I-485, what will be the validity of it.
  5. I had my H1b visa extension stamping today in Vancouver and got it aprroved. The VO asked very few questions. Are you still with xxx employer? What is your job title? How much is your Salary? What is your education? Started typing something and said that my Visa has been approved. I was not been asked to show a single document. I thank everyone out there who helped me in answering my questions.
  6. CoolDeep

    221G cases in Vancouver in 2017

    Congrats @gopalakrishnach
  7. CoolDeep


    I have mine on 20th and will be reaching there on 18th.
  8. CoolDeep

    H1B Stamping Vancouver last week of june

    @mjmustaf: I have my interview on 20th.
  9. CoolDeep

    VISA Stamping

    Yes - you can go.
  10. CoolDeep

    Vancouver 221G contact here

    Try to find some place to stay in Air B n B - away from downtown. Prices will be a bit less expensive. You should have said that the wages mentioned in LCA is the minimum you are supposed to get paid.
  11. I guess - Since you and your spouse are attending the interview together, the petition number of your spouse really dont matter as you are the primary applicant. It would have been a incorrect if you gave H4 EAD petition number ONLY IF your spouse was going for the interview.
  12. @vj_chan It is really interesting to know that they have a status called "Name was updated " on the USCIS Case Status web portal . Anyways - please keep us posted if anything changes. Thanks
  13. @vj_chan: what is "Name was updated" status. I have never heard of it before.
  14. There are many of us who are in the same boat. go through this thread