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  1. Got my Passport today..dint expect this early..thnks god..
  2. u can 30 folder file frm office depo or office max..u can keep all docs in one file..
  3. yea varun, at the same time of my interview ..one of the guy got 221g but they dint tell any reason...but i heard even if they give 221g they will solve quickly but never rejected ..its very rare..
  4. Hi All, Thought to share my experience step by step as Murthy Forum helped me grab info, My visa (H1B) has been approved in Vancouver consulate today August 27th Appointment was at 10:30 AM. I just went 20 min before as I heard they wont allow inside even if you go early, they formed a line with all 10:30 AM appointment candidates. They will first check DS-160 and I797 to verify and then will start sending in. Next step is security check , they will verify again if you are carrying any metal phones and all and then you will be asked to wait. Do not take any cell phones. And it was mentioned they are not allowed. Don't take any sealed envelopes. Even if you have they will give a locker by taking one of your photo id. You can collect later. Next, one lady will ask again, on 1.which visa u r coming for?? 2.which visa are you in Canada?? 3.do u have additional photos..if so she will take one or else there will be option to take photo in consulate. And then she will give a token number and asked to be seated. Next ,Once you hear your number , they will direct you on TV screen to which counter you have to go..one for finger prints and then other one is to 20th floor for interview. Next, You need to give your finger prints first and then sit in the lobby again and wait for second call for interview. Next, Once your token number displayed on screen for interview, they will assist you and will take to 20th floor and will be asked to be seated once again until your number comes again. My Interview Questions: 1. What do you do for you Employer?(Told my roles as in LCA) 2. How long are you working for your employer? 3. Where is your client located? 4.How long have you been working with your client? 5. Are you working with different employer initially? (my case yes and I told her i was working for 4 to 6 months for that employer and then changed) 6.Why did you change? - (I heard about current employer when i was working with the client, I got better pay and benefits than previous employer) 7. is you current employer paying you correctly? (absolutely yes) 8. What is you highest degree( masters in xxx..university name, location) She didn't ask me any document to show ..everything went about 2 min and then she said you visa is approved! Next step for me is to wait for Passport!!! Hope this is helpful and good luck. Bottom line...B positive ..Thanks!!!
  5. I have my interview on Aug 27th in Vancouver, I have booked my hotel reservation from 25th to 31st and willing to share(only females). Please contact me, I have my email id in my profile. Thanks!
  6. hi bindya... .i am still looking for one..i dropped email at your gmail account..please reply me if u r still looking..
  7. I have my interview on Aug 27th in Vancouver, I have booked my hotel reservation from 25th to 31st and willing to share(only females). Please contact me, I have my email id in my profile. Thanks!
  8. sveetsow

    Vancouver Aug 27

    hey i hav mine on aug 27th in vancouver at 10 30..
  9. hey hi... i dont see your email id, its not allowed i guess, i will update my email id in my profile and contact me there plz..thnks!
  10. Hey hi..I am having my interview 27th and will be there in vancouver by 25th ...may I know details or email id ..
  11. I am having my H1B visa interview on 27th Aug at Vancouver and i will be there by 25th and thinking as of now to stay till 31st. I am looking to share accommodation and only indian females please.
  12. Hi I am going for my H1B visa stamping in vancouver on aug 27th and i am looking for female who is willing to share accomodation. I am leaving on aug 25th .Please contact me if anyone interested.