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  1. veritas1011

    H4 EAD processing time and escalation

    Thanks for the replies. Will act on those and update later on how things went.
  2. Hi Friends, I applied for my wife's H4 EAD based on my I140 on May 9th but so far I do not see any updates from USCIS. We opened a service request with USCIS after the 90 days were up and got a letter back from USCIS saying they cannot provide an ETA currently. IS there a way I can escalate this further? I read online about approaching a congressman or senator or Ombudsman. Which would be the best to approach. To approach a congress man, what would be the process? Do we need to go to their office or email them? Please advise. Really appreciate your help. Thanks! Kumar
  3. veritas1011

    H4 to H1 and then to H4 Visa Stamping in Jamaica

    Dear OP, Can you please update if you went to Jamaica or not and if yes, how was the experience? Really appreciate your help. Thanks! Prad
  4. veritas1011

    H-4 EADs

    Hi, I am in my 4th year of H1B and have an approved I-140, my wife is on H1b since last year and is going to change to H4 for the EAD. Can she still work on her H1B until the H4 is approved or does she need to stop once the H4 receipt is received? Please advise. Thanks! Kumar
  5. veritas1011

    I-140 status stuck in Initial Review

    spoke with my Lawyer and he also advised we wait, nothing more we can do apart from premium processing
  6. veritas1011

    Processing time for I-140 Texas

    The dates on USCIS website are not accurate, atleast in my case. My I140 is at texas service center, stuck in Initial review since July 2013, more than 7 months now :(
  7. veritas1011

    I-140 status stuck in Initial Review

    Hi, My I-140 was filed in July 2013 and the status has been "Initial Review" since then. It's been more than 7 months now and the Processing times for TSC on USCIS website say 4 Months. Is anyone faced/facing a similar situation? Is there a way to call USCIS and gain more info? What is the best option for me? Please advice Thanks! Kumar