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  1. @rob: can u please update ur email ID ?
  2. i am on the same status till today. i don't know what actually is going on
  3. @rrakesh: my status is also changed to admin processing now is ur screen display the same thing mentioned below? Application ID Number: xxxxxxx. Case Creation Date: 19-aug-13 , Status updated date: 06-sep-13 Your visa case is currently undergoing necessary administrative processing. This processing can take several weeks, or longer. As explained on the day of your interview, if further information is needed, you will be contacted. If your visa application is approved when administrative processing is finished, you will receive notification to collect the passport with the visa from the Loomis branch you selected when you booked your appointment.
  4. i have undergone through the same thing. i did the amendment. my visa was approved on 19th aug with no PIMS record. the only thing is that i didn't get my passport yet
  5. i have the same ready status since 08/28 & my visa approved on 19th august. did u hv the same PIMS verification issue?
  6. shayona

    Toronto visa stamping

    my visa was approved on 19th aug. still i didn't heard anything on passport. it varies case to case. your may be different. so, don't focus on others & plan accordingly
  7. shayona

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    @jalsa24: i have updated my email id & sent u an email as well. My update: i went to US Consulate today afternoon. Lady who seated outside the consulate sent me inside to gather further information. i got the token from inside. after half n hour of wait, i got the call from the counter 1 & she mentioned we approved ur visa but we didn't received the approval from the office. as soon as they approved,we'll print your visa. so, wait for few days. i have provided my reasons to expedite this. she told me i mentioned to them that u r anxious about this. this is what i could do. so wait!!!thanks @nazeem023: if i don't get an update till tmrw, what should my lawyer do to escalate this ?
  8. shayona

    Passport expires before H1B approval Period

    No, you will get the visa till ur expiry date of passport
  9. shayona

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    It was approved.
  10. shayona

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    hello nazim, i gave my visa interview on 19th august & 2 weeks already passed & i dont know how much more. mine was the same no PIMS. i am not getting why the took so long to issue the visa
  11. shayona

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    what it means when it says ready?
  12. what it means when u check ur status & it says ready?
  13. i had my visa appointment on 19th august. as of 08/30 , i didn't get any update on passport & it will follow the long weekend. please let me know how can we check the status of the visa stamp?
  14. @kumarnandi: did u get any update on ur passport. i got my approval on aug 19th & didn't get any status update. can u please let me know from where we can check the Visa case status? thanks
  15. shayona

    Any one for toronto Aug 19th

    mine at 9.00am