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  1. Tell him u need ur Driving license is getting expired and the dl office needs original i797 to process. Mostly all of the states are tied up with immigration these days and u r license will expire with ur i797. Most of the employers are really shitholes...
  2. yankees

    Visa stamping question

    Are you sure that if I go for stamping with new i797 in feb 2018, then my visa start date is may 2018 instead of the visa attended date.
  3. yankees

    H1B Visa stamping in Mexico, Visa fee payment

    Could you please let me know the steps for matamoros,Mexico. I’m planning to attend in February.
  4. yankees

    Visa stamping question

    Hello, i have my h1b visa until 05/06/2018. I have applied for h1 extension and it got approved.( not sure how many years got approved yet). I don’t have any visa stamped for the time period 2015 - 2018 since I didnot go to stamping. If I choose to go to stamping in the month of February, then could you please let me know if my visa gets stamped from the current date or 05/06/2018 thanks in advance
  5. I have a situation here, could you help me out on the below scenario. My cousin started working in a company X (Consulting firm) from January 2008. His GC process got initiated in company X with a priority date 08/2013 and he ended up having approved I140 with company X. In May 2015 he transferred his H1 to a Client Y. As soon as he transferred his H1 to the direct client Y, his approved I140 got revoked by company X since he is no longer with the company. Client Y initiated his Labor process in 2016, but due to some budget issues Client Y terminated his role in March 2017. In April 2017 he applied H1 transfer to another Consulting firm Z with revoked I140 and had approval until 07/2020. Last week he had an offer with a reputed Client A (direct Client) in Columbus, but Client A is not accepting his transfer since his I140 with Company X got revoked. I know that Client A can still transfer his H1, but still Client A is not accepting his transfer because his I140 is revoked. Could you please help me out on this situation and let me know the possible steps.
  6. You can tell that employer had forced you to send the resume. I know how these consulting companies work. And at this point of time u should reveal the consultancy name. Y do u want to hide it. Atleast some people will be saved from that consulting company.
  7. yankees

    H1B Receipt Question

    My friend have applied for my H1B extension and my packet was delivered to USCIS California on 3/20. His attorney/employer didn't receive a receipt number for his application nor my check has been en-cashed. Is there anyone aware of a delay in getting a receipt number for more than a week? Please advise. Thanks in advance
  8. yankees

    H1 question

    My friend recently got fired from full time job. he has approved labor from the full time company and has the approved i 140 from the previous employer, but his previous employer has withdrawn the i140 application. What would be his status now. His old employer said he will file h1 from the withdrawn i140. Is it possible to do that. Please let me know thanks in advance
  9. My Visa got approved on May 12th. VO:What's ur Employer Name VO: What do u do for them VO:What is ur Major in Masters VO:What is ur School Name VO:What is ur Client Name VO: How Long u have been with Cilent That's all......................Not even asked any documents............Lucky...........Because i have seen giving lot of 221G to the guys before me Pretty straight forward for me.........which is less than a minute.......... Hope these questions will help you
  10. Could you please post the Visa experiences
  11. yankees

    Successful Visa Stamping @ottawa

  12. yankees

    H1B Stamping – Did not worked on 29 months OPT Period

    You technically worked for ur employer..............u must have informed ur school about the employer information............Then ur techincally working for that employer...............yes i have worked for him for the internal projects but u dont have the client at that point of time
  13. Please let me know if anyone is in the same boat on May12th at Ottawa.............
  14. Even though the Employer revokes the I140 petition and approval came back in past 2 months only
  15. I have my I 140 approved from Employer A in July 2013. I want to switch my job to Company B and Company B is ready to start the GC process right away. Is there any way that my PD can be retained from Employer A. My Employer A will revoke the I 140. Please suggest