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  1. Hi All,


    My wife came to US in 2012 Jan in H4 visa. After coming here she got her H1-B and started working for till last year.  Now she is in India and planning to come back on H4.  As she was in US after the H1-B approval, the H1-B visa was not stamped in her passport.


    Now while we fill the DS-160 what should we enter for the previous visa ? Should it be H1-B informatio or H4 (which was her last entry visa to US).


    Thanks in advance,


  2. I had interview for H1 B stamping at the Delhi consulate on Sep 4 and application was sent for administrative processing.The visa officer took passport and all supporting documents as well. On Oct 8th we got a mail from support@ustraveldocs.com saying that the end client should respond to any inquiries from the KCC , only then the case can be processed further. 

    Around the same time, we got another email with the subject line:
    Your E-Mail has been received and your Case #(Case-xxxx- xx-xx-xxxxxxxxx) has been created.
    It stated the following:We have received your email and will respond accordingly within 1 to 2 business days.
    (We got this email from  no-reply@ustraveldocs.com)
    When i contacted my managers in the US , they were not aware of any inquiries from any department or consular center and the status of the case at the  ustraveldocs.com still shows 'Administrative Processing'.
    Any suggestions as to whom we should direct our queries.Please advise as it has been almost a week after getting this mail and still there has been no further notification.
    The first mails says"Your case has been updated, please log back into your account to view the details". Where can i check this?

  3. Thanks for the all updates. the extension of visa has been accepted two months back and still there is no confirmation on approval. Can I claim the tax benefit for my parents as i was taking care of their expense for past 6+ months. is there any chance the visa extension will rejected if i claim the tax benefit ?




  4. Hi All,


    My parents are in on Visitor Visa B2. we have submitted a visa extension for 3 more months( already completed 6 months). it has been 2 months since the extension request is accepted but still now we haven't got any confirmation.


    Can i claim the tax benefit for my parents? if we claim the tax benefit is there any change the visa extension will get rejected? any inputs on this will be helpful.




  5. Hi All,


    My parents i-94 is expiring on March 9th 2015 and they are on B2 visitor visa. I have filed an extension for 3 more months. I got the Form I-797C notification of action stating the I-539 form is received and is in progress. Does this mean they can stay in US beyond current I-94 (march 9th)  expiry and till the decision comes?


    Also if the petition is rejected will their Current B2 Visa will be cancelled?




  6. hi All,


    I would like to know how the 6 year terms is calculated? is it really 6 * 365 days


    i came to US in L1-B visa initially and converted to H1-B later in bet ween i was in india two times. As my current Visa expires My company has filed for recapture of time. Below are my stay in US can someone tell how much time i will get one the current visa is approved.


    1.  09/22/2008 - 05/13/2009 - L1-B

    2.  06/13/2009 - 08/12/2009 - L1-B

    3.  01/28/2012 - Visa validity was till Oct 9th  H1-B   (waiting for extension approval).- 




  7. Hi,


    I came to US on 2008 Sep end on L1 B visa. Went back to india in 2011 Aug as my visa got expired.By end of Jan 2012 i cam back in H1-B and my H1 Visa is expires in Oct 2014.


    1. Is there a chance to get the H1-B extended beyond Oct 2014?


    2, If the Laber pettition process starts now will i be able to extend my visa OCT 2014?