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  1. nazim023

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    Hello Shayona , we can expect some delays due to long weekend . Transferring PIMS info should not take more than 3-4 days technically . You can notify you attorney if you do not hear back by tom ,as she can send email to state to check status . I am thinking you should have update by tom . Do keep posted .
  2. nazim023

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    Hello Shayona , I think my status said ready 2 days before I got issued notice . At one point it kept changing ready sometime and Adm sometime . I think they are working on ur file. If u applied in Toronto be prepared to wait 5 business days .
  3. nazim023

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    Hello Guys ! Thanks for sharing all info and inputs , My case status was changed to Issued few mins back . I feel relieved now, but still have to wait until Tuesday for passport pick as loomis is closed on sat and this mon . Yuvi I wish u all the best next week and hope things go better for you .
  4. nazim023

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    Well Yuvi , Do not worry ,just make sure you have all your documents in line . I have no case update on my Status check today ,will keep you posted . can u post contact number if possible . I also mentioned this issue to my Attorney ,she was amazed that they are calling people back after approving. She said she will email the state ,if no reply on my case until tues ,which is officially 5th working day after my interview . Lets hope for the best and have a good long weekend .
  5. nazim023

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    Hello There ! Even my interview was on 26th ,visa officer did not tell me about no PIMS and delay .He just gave me instruction to track the Passport and said he is issuing me the visa , the last update on my case was on 29th and it says Admin . The officer was a Chinese or korean look like ,did you have same person as well ? He looked confused and was talking to other officer next to him during my interview .It really weird that after informing that they are issuing visa ,he wants you back . Can any senior member comment on this . I guess I will find out more by the end of today on my case .
  6. Hello There ! My interview was on 26th at Toronto and when I came to check status it said Adm Processing . The VO said my visa was approved and follow with loomis in 3-5 days .I am still waiting my case status says Ready sometime and Adm Processing sometime . Not sure how to judge case status ,anyone with same issue .I personally think based on applicants I saw at consulate ,we can expect delay in visa stamping process .
  7. nazim023

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    Hello guys ! I have same PIMS concern . My visa appointment was on 26th Aug in Toronto. The visa officer notified me at the end of interview that he is issuing me the visa and follow up with loomis after 3-5 business days .I noticed that when I got my token number from checking counter ,she look my I 797 and passport and wrote NO PIMS on my DS 160 page. I am little concerned with delay , no real update on my case status as of 29th Aug . Sometime it says ready and sometimes Administrative Processing . I was not given any 221g or other Adm info . Only got a A4 size printout how to track passport and loomis info . Please Advise !! Regards Nazim
  8. Hello Guys , I am a Permanent Resident of Canada ,was working on H1b until Oct 30 2012 . My Employer filed by Perm late on July 16 2012 . I had to leave US few days before the completion of my 6th year on H1b in order to recapture H1b in Future . Unfortunately my Perm Labor still in process after 1 year . My attorney said now ,I am eligible for 1 year ext as my Perm Labor still pending . My Question is, can I get my visa stamping in Canada ,since I am a Permanent Resident Card Holder and Currently in canada . I do not have any Higher education from US and this will be my First Visa stamping as I never left US all this along . I will appreciate any Feedback in this regards from Adv Members . Regards