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  1. oracle_1982

    Visa Approved @Vancouver on Nov 18.

    not sure, but it's safer to have a same state DL.
  2. oracle_1982

    Visa Approved @Vancouver on Nov 18.

    @NeelimaR: How do you know when PIMS will get updated? I think no need to go back to consulate just wait for email from loomis, hopefully you will get passport in a week
  3. oracle_1982

    Visa Approved @Vancouver on Nov 18.

    @Scboy:I think six months pay stubs is good.
  4. Hi, Thanks to every one, who shared their experiences. My Experience, Interview @Counter 5, Male VO. VO: Good Morning. ME: Good Morning, How are you? VO: Can i have your documents. ME: Passed. VO: Are you for H1B? ME: Yes VO: Give me your DL, LCA, Pay Stubs, Offer Letter. ME: Passed. VO: Can you tell me your educational Background? ME: I completed my master's from xxxx university in computer science. VO: When did you graduate? ME: xxxxx VO: What are you doing since then? ME: Worked on OPT. VO: To whom you worked for? ME: xxxxx VO: Do you have a client? who? ME: xxxxx VO: Where do you live? ME: xxxxx VO: gave back the DL. VO: Verifiying the pay stubs and LCA and offer letter. VO: Do you have any issues with your employer? ME: no Typing in his system and finally he said Approving your visa, and gave two documents. I met six people, everyone got approved.
  5. oracle_1982

    Travel when VISA ending in 4 months

    That shouldn't be a problem. Until you have a valid visa.
  6. oracle_1982

    Travel on OPT extension ending in 4 months?

    I travelled in the same situation this year. OPT End Date: June 2013, came back from india: March 2013, POE: IAH. (I studied in TX and employer same loc) I had no issues while comming back. they asked only my Extension I-20 and they didn't even stamped on that. I think you are good to go. Check with your employer once.
  7. oracle_1982

    Successful stamping @ Vancouver on Nov 13 2013

    @sharat37: did your pay stub matches offer letter/LCA?
  8. oracle_1982

    Canada Visitor Visa is getting delayed

    It will take atleast 3 weeks to get response from CIC.
  9. oracle_1982

    visa stamp question

    Till July 2016. Make sure your passport should be atleast 6 months valid to attend visa interview.
  10. oracle_1982

    Successful Stampings at Vancouver on Nov 12th

    How much more Pay you had than Offer Letter/LCA? and what was your answer?
  11. oracle_1982

    Visa Approved in Vancouver

    How much more pay you are getting than LCA and OFFER LETTER?
  12. oracle_1982

    Canada Visit visa for H1-B Stamping

    I think they are not accepting in-person applications anymore for canada visiting visa.
  13. oracle_1982

    Canada Visa Application

    1. IMM 5645 - Yes Mandatory form. 2. It is required as employement reference letter. 3. It will take almost 1 month.
  14. oracle_1982

    Canada Visitor Visa

    http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/my_application/apply_online.asp - select visitor visa
  15. oracle_1982

    Canada Visitor Visa Online or In Person

    I think there is no longer in person applications accepted these days... It will take 4 weeks to get visa thru online applications.