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  1. may I know the reason for denial? all the while i thought all OPT applications are always approved.
  2. so your name is spelled right on the ead card? then there is no problem. start right away. remember you have 60 days after you graduate, to find/ start a job.
  3. andy40

    Administrative processing for F1 visa in Ottawa

    If you are pressed for time, it will not hurt to do a follow up on your case.
  4. andy40

    F1 marrying pending EB3

    I am on an F1 visa and my girlfriend and I are planning on getting married this year. Her status is pending green card, filed as EB3, priority date is aug 2007. if we get married this year and I file for adjustment of status (on basis of marriage), will my status will be the same as hers (pending green card)? if we can file for AOS this year, will that mean that come next school year (spring 2014), i will be eligible for in state tuition? OR do I have to wait that her priority date is current before I file my AOS? I could not find it on Uscis website. If you find it, please provide me a link. Thank you.
  5. andy40

    F1 Visa after H1-B denied

    as long as the school is accredited and you can show proof of funds, you can get the f1 visa. good luck on your schooling.
  6. andy40

    OPT grace period

    which means you should be working on filing it now.
  7. you already have your masters. why would you apply in a community college?