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  1. raving

    H4 to H1

    Thanks All for the response. Unfortunately my employer is telling me a different story. As per them when I go on H4 I will no longer be there employee so they won't be able to file my visa extension. Is is true? If not, then is there a link to a credible website which explains this rule that I can forward to them? Appreciate all the help!
  2. raving

    H4 to H1

    HI, Need help on my situation. My H1 is maxing out on 18th Dec 2014 and my company hasn't filed my PERM yet. They say they will file it somewhere in April 2014. So my question is: 1. Can i do COS to H4 based on my Husband's H1 without leaving US? 2. Can I then ask my company to file my COS/H1 extension and start working - lets say after Apr 2015 if still my PERM is pending again without leaving US.
  3. Hi, I need some serious advice. My current company filed my GC in EB2 in Nov 2011 and my I-140 is approved. I am on my 7th year of H1. Now recently due to various reasons - mainly salary and role - I am not very happy with my current company and would like to switch and I am sure i would get good offers outside. My dilemma is whether I should risk my GC and switch the company or is it advisable for me to continue in the current company and suffer for the GC. Please keep in mind my priority date as well which is Nov 2011.