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  1. Me: Hello Mam..good morning. VO: good Morning Me: How are you today? VO: Am doing good and how about you? Me: am fine. VO: so how long been are you working this company? Me: past XX years. VO: where do you live? ME: told the place name. VO: do you have end client? ME: yes. told the name VO: What they do? ME: told the name VO: what is your educational qualification? ME: Masters in comp scienc VO: Your visa is approved ..you can collect passport in 3-5 days. ****No documents asked to show***************
  2. Harekrishna5

    H1-B Visa approved in Vancouver on 21 March

  3. Harekrishna5

    Successful H1B visa renew in Vancouver

  4. Harekrishna5

    Successful H1B visa renew in Vancouver

  5. Harekrishna5

    Successful visa interview at Ottawa, no photographs were asked

    Can you share your visa experience .. like Visa officers questions?
  6. nice...congrats to both of you
  7. Harekrishna5

    Ottawa Stamping Experience

  8. Yes dates available yes, i do have canada visiting visa
  9. Hello , Am planning to attend visa interview on june 13th in vancouver , canada. Anybody wants to join, so we can share hotel.
  10. Harekrishna5

    2 months left on visa, re-entry possible?

    Yes ..you can.
  11. Harekrishna5

    H1 stamping @ vancouver in May/June

    Am planning on June 13th.