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Everything posted by karthikbhuvanagiri

  1. Mine was on the 22nd, the following link shows https://ceac.state.gov/ceacstattracker/Status.aspx? as issued, previously it was under processing
  2. ly6, did you get an email or did you track your status with your DS 160 number?
  3. That is good news, hoping that even vancouver starts processing the visas today.
  4. I dont believe so, I went to DHL today to find out if they have been receiving passports, and he told me that they are only receiving a handful of passports , like 10-20 per day as opposed to a larger number before July 21st, i guess those are the ones which fall under the immigration and adoption scenarios
  5. Did anyone receive email last night ? Also guys I am looking for a room, so if you have a room to share, let me know, thanks.
  6. karthikbhuvanagiri

    Looking for shared accommodation- Vancouver- Aug 5 to Aug 8

    I looked for accomodation in airbnb for 30$ per night, if you dont find anyone , you could give it a try.
  7. Thank you for this information, i had my visa stamping on July 22nd and i was wondering why i did not receive an email yet, anybody else out there waiting for the email ?
  8. karthikbhuvanagiri

    Looking for Shared accomodation in Vancouver from July 21st - July 24th

    Hi Balaji, Can you share your contact information ? Or you can find my email address in my profile, let me know. Thanks, Karthik
  9. Hey guys, I have my Visa date on July 22nd at 10 AM , If anyone else has the same dates, do let me know and maybe we can share the accomodation, I haven't booked anything yet, but I will soon. If you want to contact me, my email is in my profile, you can look it up . -Karthik
  10. Hi, I have my stamping on August 1st in Vancouver, and am looking for shared accomodation, let me know if any of you guys also have the same date and we can look up accomodation, you can email me , the details should be in my profile, as this forums blocks email addresses.
  11. karthikbhuvanagiri

    Accommodation needed from July 31@ Vancouver

    Hi, I have Visa interview on August 1st in Vancouver as well, and I was looking for shared accomodation too, you can find my email details in my profile. --karthik