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  1. Not Necessary. On port of Entry you have to show the new employer's I-797.
  2. They will back your I797 along with your passport.I had the same situation in Vancouver. No worries. Congrats for your visa approved.
  3. The tone of this post seems to be suggesting that you try to 'fool' immigration officials that your are actually working at your employer's office ... "Saying that you ... are currently working [on an] in house project" does not fool immigration officials. They will know If your employer is a consulting company and does not develop commercial software for resale, that you are not working. "Make a separate cube and create an environment that you are really working over there [at your employer's office]" -- again try to fool immigration officials. What is being suggested is immigration fraud, and if you think it is okay to break the law then go ahead, but be prepared for a range of additional problems up to and including removal proceedings / deportation, U.S. entry ban. I think catx should give a suggestion in spite of criticizing. One of my friend had the same situation and he did well in the Immigration check.
  4. In my opinion you have to go and sit in your employers office everyday. Make a call to Immigration people and update information by saying that you laid off this week and currently you are working in in house project. But make sure your employer support this. on your area make a good project documentation and communicate the same with your employer. Immigration officer asks about the project what area you are working and who is supervising. how do you reporting and how many hours you are working....... some times they will take pictures also about the location. if possible in your employers office make a separate cube and create an environment that you are really working over there. Please make sure if your employer is in different state from where you are working then raise an LCA with employer's location. Then you will be good. Wait for others responses
  5. amigos9

    DS-160 Urgent Help....!

    Take the latest one and update in the portal. It always happens.
  6. amigos9

    Travel History Question in DS 160

    Based on the Entry date you have to go by desc order. earliest POE date is comes first. You have to mention the period of time
  7. amigos9

    H1B stamping approved-Vancouver oct 9th

    I wont agree with you. I saw in this forum only those who doesn't have masters also got their visas from Vancouver. It all depends on many factors like VO , documenatation,Employer.......
  8. I think you are eligible for drop box facility. If you are stamped first time in Chennai you need not necessary to visit again. Visit consulate website you will get details
  9. amigos9

    Need to Buy Return ?

  10. You do not face any problems if you go in person to the consulate. They will cancel your visa like CWP and they issue a new VISA. Regarding problems: If you travel with current stamping yes some times they will ask questions why didn't you inform to consulate.it will be a big headache. go consulate and explain the situation definitely they will take necessary action by issuing a new visa. You wont get any 221(g) regarding this situation.
  11. I agree with Kumar that unless you arrested or went to jail. you are in good status. good luck for your stamping
  12. amigos9

    passport ...unusual please need help

    You will get your visa. No worries
  13. amigos9

    Student visa rejected in 2006

    You should mention in the application as rejected and explain the reason also. If you change your passport also will not excluse your history, they will maintain each and everything. Lie will make will again asks you about more quesions on the history. which will effect on your current h1b visa. Wait for others responses
  14. if you get a deal on hotel take Barclay hotel which is closed to Consulate with reasonable price and 1 km distance to metro.
  15. amigos9

    Confirmation letter of H1B Visa cancellation

    Q1. You can compalint againist your company aboout this situation and request them to send a copy of H1b revoke petition. Q2. You should take experience letter from them and file which containes your original pay stubs and related documents. Q3. As a H1b holder 0 days tolernece for salary wise. It is your right to get salary every month. if not complaint to DOL. they will settle this matter.But prior to that you have to get your all documents from your pervious employer
  16. Company A should run the payroll even you are on the bench. But you have to pay taxes. this will be the understanding between you and your employer. Anyways you changed your employer. so make sure you have to run your payroll promptly. there will be chances of 95% that they dont ask about your earlier company's pay slips.
  17. amigos9

    H1B stamping with Domestic Violence case

    If you have DV case in INDIA and settled then no worries and carry all the court documents. I dont think so your opposite family contacted consulate and informed about your case. If they already informed to the consulate people then show your documents and tell them truth. in USA dont care about **** of 498a case. they dont know about this section. You will be ok with inteview. Be confident and dont try to bluff VO.
  18. amigos9

    Urgent Help-regarding the DS 160

    Yes, You can strat new application and update the same number in the appointment confirmation pasge under edit hyperlinks. No issues. Your appointment wont get cancelled. But update with your new DS-160 number and save it make sure next time login you will get your new DS-160 number. You need not necessary to pay again
  19. amigos9

    Request for the passport

    If you get 221G immediately you need to ask about your passport. So that you can go INDIA. What type of form yor get it from VO. yes you can be back once you clear your 221G and get stamped in the same consulate
  20. Hi, If you receive mail for passport submission they wont tell you affront that you got visa. But most of the times for stamping purpose only they will ask your passport. regarding passport submission you already know the consulate address. in the e-mail they will clearly mention about a link send it to your online account.You need to take the print out of that copy and buy USPS cover along with stamp for priority mail [may be its 20 dollors] and write down your address send your passport with acknowledge ment proof. keep the acknowledgement copy as a proof. wait for 1 week you will get your passport back
  21. amigos9

    Passport mailed to canadian embassy

    Hi, Send an e-mail along with your application number and Passport details. re-CNGNY.IM-TRV-VRT@international.gc.ca <re-CNGNY.IM-TRV-VRT@international.gc.ca>; Regards