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  1. Hi Thank you very much for sharing your valuable experience. I am a SAP consultant with 9 Years of experience. From last 2 years I am staying in London on Work Permit Tier-2 (ICT) from India. During this period my wife has got Sponsorship Tier-2 General from UK employer. I resigned from my position and came back to UK on Spouse visa (Valid till 2016). From 2 months I am not working and still looking for job in UK. I just got my H1B petition approved from US employer. Now my US employer want me to apply for visa stamping. They have sent all the documents to me except Client letter since I will work from my employers Development center and will support/work within in house projects. My queries are : 1. How about going for stamping from London ? Any experience/advice on the same. 2. Since from 2 months I am not working will that effect my H1B stamping from London Consulate ? Looking forward for valuable advice.