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  1. sandyelegance

    H1 Withdrawal......pleaseee help!!

    Thankyou for your time on this. Thanks Sandy
  2. sandyelegance

    H1 Withdrawal......pleaseee help!!

    Hi, Thanku for the reply. But, how can the revoked petition status says: case approved. One more thing, i joined new project(End Client) on Jan 28 2016..... My current Employer filed for LCA and Amendment. Is by any chance, the old h1 got approved based on the LCA/Amendment.. is that even possible??? Please let me know. Thanks Sandy
  3. sandyelegance

    H1 Withdrawal......pleaseee help!!

    HI All, From 2013 i had a issue with h1. 1. July 27 2013 went to Canada for stamping , got query.( went back to India and after 1 month) 2. visa Approved Then came back to USA 3. Continued with the same End client for 1 month. 4. October 2013 my project got finished. 5. Same week while i was on bench, USCIS came to office for random check.(i was not there :( 6. From then LOT LOT LOT happened.( emails to and forth ....... 7. In 2015 March i got notice from USCIS saying there are revoking my H1.(i got 20 days) 8. I transferred my h1 to employer B. 9. Transferred APPROVED. 10. Employer A sent withdrawal notice to USCIS. 11.Old H1 Status= Received the documents. Same status till January 27th 2016 12. Old H1 Status changed to Name was updated. 13. Old H1 Status changed to Case was Approved.(February 24th 2016) Question: How can it be approved, when the letter for withdrawal is sent??? I have the approved h1 from employer B , is the whole thing with the old H1 going to impact my recent h1?? i don't want any more problems with the old h1. Please let me know. what the next step? or case approved can also mean they approved the withdrawal letter?? Thanks Sandy
  4. Thanks JoeF Am planning to change my employer (transfer my H1) premium process and want to go india what if ,if i get query after filing for the transfer? will transfering my H1 solve anything? so many issues please suggest best thing to do!!! PLEASE
  5. Thanks catx for quick response.. Well as the immigration verification going on, If i change my employer now won't that be another issue?? my situation seems soo complicated so no employer are ready to sponser, i have to fly to india in 2weeks without any end client (client letter) and with this whole immigration issue. what can i expect at the port of entry? Thanks S
  6. Thankyou ... Yes my employer is running my paycheck. Do i have to go to TX(where my employer is ) as i sent design document of the work which i am involved in to the immigration ???? Am still in Virginia which is in LCA (where my last project was) and when i spoke to my employer attorney he told me i have only one month time to get new project ie frm (Oct 9 to Nov 9) he told to change the status to visitor :( Going to canada and waited for almost 2months and finally i got visa for H1 till 2016 and now he wants me change to visitor is it true abt one month period? Do i have to change my LCA to TX and move thr? Can i change my employer in this situation? and top of this can i go to india for a month (its urgent situation) please help!
  7. OMG... it all sounds scary :( But here is the new story.. Immigration officer later called me and interviewed during which I said that I am out of the project and actively searching for new one Also looking after the databases of employeroffice Also enhancing the technical skills End of the Interview, Immigration officer asked me to send my paystubs which I has emailed to her After a week, the Office called me to provide with the university details and any IDproof which shows i was in that state (where i did my Masters). Now after a week, the Office called me to provide with the docs which shows what exactly am working on for my employer. could you please tell me how long can i be on bench(without end client). but my employer is running pay...Am still on bench its been one month....please suggest
  8. Thankyou for the response... Am still in VA (where my client is) and employer office is in TX. Immigration check will b in da coming week. Do i have to go to TX? OR can i say am under training and enhancing my skills regarding da same ?? Thx S
  9. Hi All, Please help me with the situation, i got layedoff last week (oct9th) from xxx with whom i was working from feb2013, recently in july2013 i went to canada got 221(g) waited one month then it got approved...started working with same client but last week they layedoff .. BUT Today (oct17) immigration people came for verification at client location.I told them to wait in the lobby and I will come down or I will send my manager. As I was not there in the location I called my manager but he was in a meeting and immigration people waited for 20 minutes and they left.I drove to client location and my manager spoke with immigration officers on phone and told them that he will provide the information what ever they need. Immigration officer told she will interview me in a couple of days or else she may come to client location. How can I handle this situation? THANKS IN ADVANCE
  10. sandyelegance

    Immigration check ..after getting VISA in USA...Help!

    Thankyou for all the positive replies (omshiv , rahul412 , jairichi ,aris18) ..am truely njoying the fact, tht am in USA :) aris18 :"This will create problem in your GC and if you are going out of USA and try to come back" i was worrying abt there personal visit but ur reply made me scream ! y is it so????? coz i do have plans to go out of USA in near future and how this is related to my GC??????
  11. Hi ALL, Thankyou so much for all the help.... In my situation ....i got 221(g) in vancouver (july) and they took my pp,I797,Clientletter,paystub,w2 but i took my pp and went to india and after 1 and 1/2 month (sept) i got email that it got approved so i came back and got my visa and presently in USA :) But the thing is ...Though it was in Admin process NONE(employer,vendor,client) got email frm consulate for verification, just wondering how cld this happen?? and is there any chance that immigration ppl vll visit all locations personally??? please please need answer Thankyou S
  12. sandyelegance

    passport ...unusual please need help

    Thankyou for the reply..Thx Much But am just wondering ...y is it, i have to pick my pp at consulate than at loomis....any reason behind????
  13. Hi everyone, Here is my situation, i got 221g white in da month of july26th/2013 so i took my passport and went to india ..I got email from Vancouver FPU saying "Your case has been reviewed by the Consular Officer and they have decided to approve your visa. However, we cannot proceed with processing the visa, pending the return of your passport." on sept5th/2013, so i flew back and submitted my passport today(sept9th/2013) 20thfloor counter B....BUT they took my passport and gave me a slip which has some serial number and it say come to consulate on wednesday and pick ur passport and also there is NOTE : Its just a ticket to collect ur passport and not guarantee that u will get Visa. I waited more than a Month now am bit curious , are they going to give me visa are not ,if so why they did not ask me to collect it at loomis....is it usal are whats going on Please help me with this..Really appreciate the help! Thankyou
  14. Hi, Anybody intrested to share accomdation from sept9th plz email me Thankyou sandhya
  15. sandyelegance

    Request for the passport

    Thankyou Amigos9....i got white221(g)