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  1. WHo are these immigration attorneys ? Are they working for your employer and filed your petition in the first place? -- they are working for my current employ. I have a new job offer and that company is filing COE, so I'm not if it is a good idea to file amendment with current employer. Sure, I will ask my prospective employer attorneys if they can build the case without getting an RFE for this scenario. Thanks for taking time to answer the question!
  2. Hello, I'm working a full-time employee on h1-b. When my h1b filed in 2016, it was filed with a company name lets say "ABC", however I actually work for a subsidiary "DEF"(it's a child company, my employee badge has ABC on it). I have just noticed my payslips are generated under "DEF". I went for visa stamping and got it stamped without any issue. I traveled in and out of the country 6 times with I797 stating ABC as my employer. As soon as I noticed the issue, I have contacted immigration attorneys and they said, we have to file an amendment. Now the problem is, I got a new job(full-time), they have initiated the h1b change of employer. Will there be any problem if my h1b amendment and change of employer gets filed at the same time? Will my h1b be transferred without any issues? Please advise!
  3. rad39

    h4 EAD - change of employer

    Hello, I have my 140 approved and my spouse is on h4-EAD right now, his h4 EAD is valid until Jan 05 2017. My current employer doesn't give I-140 approval notice to the employees. I found a new job, I'm planning to take the new job. However, my spouse definitely need h4 EAD. 1. Can I ask my current employer to file the extension(h-1b, h4 and ead renewal) and then take the new job? 2. if I do so, my spouse will be getting ead for 3years and will it be valid even if I change the employer without I-140 approval notice? 3. I have filed FOIA to get the copy of I-140 application - is this enough to renew the h4 EAD?
  4. rad39

    visitors visa for brother

    Thanks everyone... my parents got visa :) My brother have an appointment on 25th...hope that goes well too!!
  5. rad39

    visitors visa for brother

    Sponsor here I mean, baring expenses...
  6. rad39

    visitors visa for brother

    Hello everyone, My parents are planning to sponsor trip by themself...I heard from one of CA in India, saying, if as we are on h1b, we need to sponsor them to increase their chances of getting visa... Is that true? How much bank balance and annual income are sufficient, if parents want to sponsor themself?
  7. rad39

    visitors visa for brother

    @t75: my brother is planning to stay for 4weeks and my parents are planning to stay for 45days! thanks everyone :)
  8. rad39

    visitors visa for brother

    Hello everyone, I'm in United States on H1b visa. I planning to bring my parents and brother(Indian citizens) to US on visitors visa. I recently bought a house and planning a house warming function. I recently(dec 27th 2012) got married, So I'm planning to throw a party for all my friends and colleagues in US. I wish my parents and my brother attend house warming and reception party here. my spouse is also on H1b. we have blocked visa slots for my parents and my brother separately. My brother graduated in may 2012 and he is working for construction company as assistant sales manager. he is going to get married in 2014 december(date is not fixed yet). His fiance stays in India. He is going to funds his trip himself. He has no intention to stay in US. My father is self employed and my mother is house maker.. My questions are... 1. What are the chances for my parents and my brother 2. Do I need to send any documents representing I bought a house recently and regarding party? 3. Does my brother need to show any proof regarding his wedding in next dec? Could anyone help me through this? I really wish my parents and brother come and visit me for the house warming occasion.