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  1. Status - H1b Nine years Completed - Current H1b Valid till OCT 31st with Company Y Company X :- Withdrawn I 140. Company Y :- Perm, I140 Approved on July 2016 and retained previous priority date. Company Y has not yet filed for H1 extension , and now I received a better offer from Company Z. Can I go for H1B transfer with company Z ? Will I get a 3 Yr H extension if Company Z file my H1? Appreciate your replies !
  2. Hi Krishna , I am not getting your emails and I am not seeing your email Id on your profile. Thanks, Kumar
  3. for me its showing now as NONIMMIGRANT VISA APPLICATION Issued Application ID or Case Number: XXXXXXX Case Creation Date: 28-Aug-2013 Status Updated Date: 29-Aug-2013
  4. Both were displaying as Case Creation Date: 28-Aug-2013 Status Updated Date: 28-Aug-2013
  5. Hi, I had attended visa today at Toronto and I was informed by VO , that my visa is approved and passport was kept with VO, but now when I am checking the status it was showing as Administrative Processing. Is any one else on same boat? Thanks, Kumar
  6. Hi Krishna, Is your visa approved. I got mine . could you please provide shared accomidation for me ? I did n't receive your email before. could you please post me ASAP.
  7. kumarnandi

    H1B Toronto Visa Approved NO PIMS

    Hi Yuvi, Could you please let me know , if you can provide shared accomidation for me ? My visa is approved on Aug 28th.My email id is on my profile. I dont have any question from VO , I am a full time employee.
  8. Hi Krishna, I am not seeing your email id in your profile . Can you post me an email , so that we can discuss , I have schedlued the appointment on same day. Thanks
  9. Hi, I applied for Canada visitor visa , Ottowa initially and was received stamping for Canada mentioned as "Ottowa" on the passpsort . Can I enter to Canada from Toronoto? Thanks.
  10. Any one for visa stamping at Toronto on Aug 28th, Looking for shared accomidation.
  11. Sorry Guys , Now I got the Appointment at Toronto on Aug 28 , Is there any body for that day?
  12. kumarnandi

    Canada TRV Online application help

    Book the tickets , print the itenary and then cancel it
  13. Hi, Anyone for stamping at Toronto bewteen Sep 11 - 14 th , to share the accomidation? Please reply to the post. My email can can be found on my profile. Thanks.
  14. kumarnandi

    Got 221G in Ottawa now looking for accomodation

    Can you please detail , why you recieved 221g , when you have a client letter? what make the VO to give you the white slip?
  15. Thanks for Reply Pradeep , you can contact me @ ***********@gmail.com.