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  1. I have received I-797C, the receipt of I-140, from USCIS last week just after my last post here. He did not tell me when he has sent it (I am not sure if it is normal or not, again...). Anyways, thank you for all comments for my concern!
  2. Thank you t75 for your advice! It is helpful to make a decision.
  3. Thank you for your suggestion, t75. I understand it, but I have already paid half of the fee. I am not sure if I can get the money back when I fire him. If it usually take times like this, I will go with him. Thank you Omshiv. Its really good to know that attorneys often take time to prepare the documentation. I would like to see more suggestions and comments.
  4. I am filing eb2/NIW 'self-petition', but not eb1. Sorry about the confusion (It was just my mistake.. ). It would be great if I could get any advices here. Thank you!
  5. Not right now. Do I have to be hiring an attorney at Murthy Law FIrm to post questions here? I just thought here is a nice forum where I might find answers for my questions. Please let me know! Thanks.
  6. Hi, I am applying for EB1-NIW with an attorney. I have sent him all documentations requested by him by the end of this March. He sent me I-140 and G28 forms for my approval and signature at the middle of May. Then, I have sent back those forms and a check for application fee, immediately. However, he has not submitted the application yet (Today is July 3rd). I would like to know whether his processing speed is normal or not. I am kind of anxious because my H1b will be expired in 1 year. Now he does not reply my email asking about the status. I hope it just because its a vacation season now... Thank you for reading and I will really appreciate if you have any commnets about the issue!!