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  1. Hello, I'm travelling from US to India in Feb 2017. My current H1B stamp is expired in Sept 2016 but have approved I-797 and I-94 valid until Dec 2017. I have a 6 hr layover at Frankfurt Aiurport. Do I need visa while travelling from US to India (Home country), while returning to US I will have H1B visa stamped. Can anyone was in this situation recently? please share the information. Thanks in Advance!!!
  2. Hi, I'm planning to have vaction next month and scheduled H1B stamping in early Feb. Can anyone please share recent experience. Most of the posts I see are with having issues but minimum success posts. Can you also please share success so that it helps others. My case: Completed masters in 2011. Got First H1B in 2013 and then joined FTE in March'2015 with H1B transfer. Currently with same employer since 2 years. Can anyone please share recent experiences in Hyderabad. Thanks in Advance!!!
  3. akrao23

    Airport Transit Visa for Frankfurt?

    @abhi19Did you get any answer for this? I'm in same situation. My visa expired in Sep'16, I have I-797 valid until Dec'17. Going for stamping (India) in Feb. my Layover is 6 hr 10 min while travelling from US to India and 3 hr 35 min in return from India to US. Is anyone else in same situation?
  4. Hello All, Its time to pay back. I had an interview today (03/10). Its easy going if you have all documents and confidence to show anything if VO asks you. Here is my experience. At Jamaica Port of Entry: They know that everyone is coming for stamping. Just say the truth. Here they are also asking about employer and what do you do? Documents need here: I797 Return ticket Visa appointment confirmation letter At US consulate visa interview: First there will be a security check and outside one person will check your passport,photo,DS-confirmation and I-797. He/She will staple photo and I-797 to the passport. Then there will be a counter where a token number and booklet to know employee rights will be given. Then there will be counters and you need to go to respected counter when your token number comes. Here they will take 10- prints. Then we will be pointed to join another line where they will take ten prints again. Next need to sit and wait for interview. Interview here is first come first serve basis. Interview Experience: When did you come to US? Why did you come? Which University? Major in MS? Asked for all I-20s. VO did checked all of them. Who is your employer? What did you do before joining this employer? What do you do for your employer? Who is your CEO? Did you met him? Asked for recent pay stubs. Who is your client? Finally golden words came. "Your visa is approved.." Everyone got approved while i was there. Its easy if you have all documents and need confidence to answer and submit all docs.
  5. akrao23

    Travel from Jamaica to India

    Ok.. Good luck..!!!
  6. akrao23

    Travel from Jamaica to India

    Hi Viha, Did you struck there with admin process for visa stamping. Can you please let me know. we are planning for H1B stamping next week. Thanks!
  7. akrao23

    Question on DS-160

    hi, when i am filling DS form, i faced one question. The question is, did your petitioner applied for imigration petition of united states ever..? YES/No. But my employer applied for labor of green card in jan 2014. So i needed to tick YES or NO. If i put YES does it create any problem or can i tick NO, because i did not applied for i-140. So pelase help me with this question. Thanks in advance.
  8. Hi guys, Please let me know the latest stamping experience in jamaica for last two weeks. I didn't see any updates recently. Thanks in advance. I am just curious to know the status. I planned in march month.
  9. Hi guys, Please let me know the latest stamping experience in jamaica for last two weeks. I didn't see any updates recently. Thanks in advance. I am just curious to know the status. I planned in march month.
  10. akrao23

    All about H1B Visa stamping in Jamaica

    Thanks a lot Siva.. This is really useful for all who are planning fro Jamaica.. Thanks Again!!!
  11. Hi, I'm planning to Jamaica for H1B stamping in march 2nd week. Can anyone please help me in clarifying my questions. Please point me to some forum links if already on this forum. 1. May i know latest available date in Jamaica? 2. How many days we will get Jamaica visitor visa? What kind of questions they will at Jamaica port of entry for visitor visa? 3. can anyone please give me any accommodation details near US consulate? 4. Can anyone please give me documents checklist we need to carry for H1B stamping? 5. Do we need to take to and fro ticket? Is there any Chance to get refundable return ticket on any travel agent site? 6. Finally are there any rejections of 221Gs in recent days. If so, please share your experience or point me to related links. Sorry for big list of questions but all these are in my mind. Can anyone please help in above questions. Thanks!!!
  12. Thanks krishnam for the information..
  13. Hi SNNY, I applied one month. I seen the same issue. Its their technical problem and it will not effect your visa processing.
  14. akrao23

    CANADA TRV - URGENT ##########

    No. they wont consider any documents sent to email. They will request you for any missing documents. I think you should be fine.
  15. Hello All, I have a new message in cic account saying decision has been taken and to send original passport to complete my TRV application. I see multiple addresses in given link. Can anyone tell me the exact address where we need to send passport. Thanks!
  16. akrao23

    Address to send passport fro Canada TRV?

    Thanks for your reply.. I see below address in the link they gave. Please send to: EAPP Canadian Consulate General Immigration Section 1251 Avenue of the Americas, New York, NY 10020 May i know what is 'EAPP'? Do i need to write that also in To Address? Thanks in advance..
  17. akrao23

    Address to send passport fro Canada TRV?

    Thank you for reply..
  18. akrao23

    Address to send passport fro Canada TRV?

    Hi, I got reply from CIC in 3rd week. Now a days they are taking 3 to 4 weeks or less to respond for online applications. I think you will get it in couple of days.
  19. akrao23

    Online Canada visitor visa processing time

    Hi rajaH1VIsa, i got email to send passport but i see multiple addresses in the link they gave. Can you please give me the exact address to send passport? Also, Can you please tell me how long it takes to get stamped passport after it reaches them. Thanks in Advance!!!
  20. akrao23

    VISA approved @ Vancouver on 4th Sep

    Thanks for sharing your experience.. 17. Why you didn't have current working state driving license? - May i know what did you say for this question? Thanks!!
  21. akrao23

    Questions regarding Canada TRV

    ok got it.. Thank you!!
  22. Hi, I am planning to apply Canada visa online, ready with all documents but having few questions below. Can anyone please suggest me on these. 1. Can anyone please tell me how to upload digital photo?Can we take photo with camera/phone and crop to given size? Can anyone please provide size/specifications we need to follow? 2. It says 4 months bank statements but they also mentioned that use 1 file for each document type. Do we need to merge all 4 months statements into single pdf and upload. Or will it take 4 bank statements file while uploading? 3. What we need to upload for 'Add Letter of Explanation' document? It is optional but just want to know if it adds strength to our application. Thanks!
  23. akrao23

    Questions regarding Canada TRV

    They mentioned bank statements for past four month under 'Proof of Means of Financial Support'.. Proof of Means of Financial Support You must prove that you can support yourself and the family members accompanying you while you are in Canada by providing as many of the following documents: your bank statements for the past four months a bank draft in convertible currency pay stubs an employment letter proof of assets or business proof of payment of tuition and accommodation fees tax reports, declarations or statements proof of a student/education loan from a financial institution a letter from the person or institution providing you with money proof of funding paid from within Canada, if you have a scholarship or are in a Canadian-funded educational program proof of a Canadian bank account in your name if money has been transferred to Canada Can you please tell me if 1 month is enough to submitt? Thanks!
  24. Hi, I am planning to go for visa stamping in Vancouver sometime in dec. I don't want to book visa slot because i am not confirm with date. But i want to apply for Canada visa online before that, Can anyone please suggest what should i upload for invitation letter. I don't have any friends/family there to get the same. Some are suggesting me to write a letter addressing Canada visa officer mentioning that i will be visiting US Consulate b/w so and so dates and sign and upload.Did anyone applied like this and got approved? Otherwise Can anyone in same situation suggest me? Thanks!
  25. akrao23

    Questions regarding Canada TRV

    Thanks for reply. Will that site gives an option to download a soft copy? because we need to upload soft copy for online application. I saw in the checklist proof of means of financial support they mentioned 4 months of bank statements. Thanks!