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  1. needgc1

    485 pending-additional review response

    Is this plan looks ok? -On Aug 1st - will call L2 to get update like is it interlinked/ is it ported( or you can suggest wording in few lines here if you can please) -Take an InfoPass appontment-When ? -Contact Senator or Congress person office? -File a case problem report with the CIS Ombudsman when? OR wait couple in weeks until August to see if any file movement? some say, 'Additional review .." is just another template they use for quick reply and really does not mean much, Do you think so too? 485 was filed in Oct 2007 under EB3, EB2 approved in 2012 with old EB3 PD in 2012, do you think name check takes so long? If re-entered US recently on AP after 2nd inspection, does this not mean name check is all good and clear because they check at the POE becaseu of 2nd inspection and fingerprint scanning at the counter at Airport customs? Thanks
  2. needgc1

    485 pending-additional review response

    Attorney or Belle, you mentiond 'if dates regress in Sept', if PD is june 2005 then do you think dates can regress to this date? just checking a best guess. Thanks
  3. needgc1

    485 pending-additional review response

    do you think attorneys got more privilages to know more detailed information about the case than just when customer get reply 'Additional Review'? Just checking so that make more informed decision on approaching for info. Thanks
  4. Belle, if at all regresses, what date do you think it will regress to? Thanks
  5. needgc1

    485 pending-additional review response

    Belle, thank you for long note. For contacting CIS Ombudsman, Senator/Congress person and filing a Writ of Mandamus lawsuit, if necessary, do we need to wait for normal processing time of 4 months from Aug1st,2013? What is your pick on date regressing back to Jan 2005 in future months? Thanks
  6. needgc1

    485 pending-additional review response

    Attorney/forumany input appreciated. Thanks
  7. needgc1

    485 pending-additional review response

    tusharvk, letter mentioned 6 months wait.
  8. needgc1

    485 pending-additional review response

    Hi Belle, my friends date is current now in this AUG VB released today, he is 2007 filer with porting. 6 months back he called uscis about status(PD was not current then) and they said additional review wait 6 months. 6 months over now, what do you suggest him. Thanks ofcourse PD is current in Aug VB. What is this additional review?
  9. needgc1

    485 pending-additional review response

    Belle, thanks but case is pending since 2007, do you think namecheck is the reason still? Thanks
  10. all who got this response for pending I-485 please post your experience and response and final result. thanks
  11. needgc1

    Additional Review-485 pending

    forum members or attorney any comments??
  12. needgc1

    USCIS Service Request response for AOS

    similar issue, any attorney's advise helps please