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    I94 Extension due to passport renewal

    I am in a similar situation. I got my H1B stamped in Jan 2013, and it is valid till July 2014. When entering US, the officer noted that my passport is valid till December 2013, so he put the date of expiry of my passport on my I-94 as well. I am now planning to get my passport renewed here in US and will also be getting an H1B extension for another 3 years. How do I go about correcting the date on I-94?
  2. lucid1

    NIW physicians

    Hello Sree The time counted towards 5year requirement does not start until you have completed your training (be it residency or fellowship). Even if you submit the I-140, to change jobs and continue in your new position, you will require H1b continuation. Just mere submission of I-140 does not do away with your visa requirement. Disclaimer: I am not a lawyer and the above material does not count as legal advice. This is just an opinion expressed on an open forum. I am not liable for the content posted above.