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  1. Hello, My father is planning to Tavel to the US from April 15 through Sep 15th. His Indian Passport expires on Sep 25th. Please let me know if he can travel without any issues . Thanks !
  2. Hi, I live in USA. I was on H1B and earlier this year my H1B amendment was denied. I filed for changes of status to H4 and also filed for H4EAD. My Change of status application is pending in Vermont Service Center since 7 months and the current processing time is 14 months at VSC. My lawyer gave me an option to change to Consular processing, go outside USA, get H4 Visa stamped and come back and purse H4EAD. Questions 1) If I go to India and get H4 Visa Stamped, will I have to restart the H4 EAD application ? 2) Is it faster to just wait on the current COS and H4 EAD application or Go to India and get Visa Stamped?
  3. h1busybee

    H1B Denied - Applied H4EAD - Can I work?

    Hi, Please can someone respond on this? Thanks !
  4. Hi, I have H1B since 8 years (extended after GC filing 140 stage). I recently got married and moved to another state to join my spouse. I found a job in the new state and my H1B Amendment was filed. I got NOID few months ago and my employer replied to the NOID. In the meantime, I applied for H4 EAD while NOID was going on. Yesterday H1B Amendment was denied. Does that mean that the Amendment is denied or base H1B is denied? Can I continue to work and get paychecks while I wait for EAD? Thanks.
  5. h1busybee

    NOID for H1B Ammendment

    Hi , Please can anyone respond.
  6. h1busybee

    NOID for H1B Ammendment

    Hi,Please provide guidance
  7. h1busybee

    H1 to H4 EAD - Suggestion needed

    Hi, PLease provide guidance.
  8. h1busybee

    NOID for H1B Ammendment

    Hi , Please can you provide more details based on my latest post.
  9. Hello all, My wife is currently on H1B. A few months ago her employer filed for H1B amendment due to change in location from Location A to Location B and the USCIS sent an NOID(Notice of Intent to Deny) a month ago for that amendment. Her employer then replied to the NOID earlier this week. I am unsure if the reply to NOID will be approved or not. And, I am not sure if she will have a valid status to live and work in the United States. Therefore, I wanted to start working on her H4 visa and eventually get an EAD. Questions 1) Is it possible to apply for an H4 Visa while she is on her own H1B and in the middle of Amendment-NOID? 3) If NO, shall we cancel her H1B and then start H4? Or, what other options are present? Your responses would be highly appreciated. Thanks !
  10. h1busybee

    NOID for H1B Ammendment

    Thanks for the answers. In one of the forum thread, I read that even if Ammendment is Denied, I can continue working on the Base H1B until the validatity of the I-94. Is that true? Which is contradicting #2 response of yours. Please let me know. Thanks !
  11. h1busybee

    NOID for H1B Ammendment

    Hi, Please can someone answer these questions.
  12. h1busybee

    NOID for H1B Ammendment

    Hello, I have an approved H1B petition that expires in Dec 2019. I also have a Valid US Visa & I-94 that expires in Dec 2019. In the meantime, I changed work locations and my employer applied for H1B ammendment. I received an NOID(Notice of Intent to Deny) from USCIS with deadline to submit more documentation for appeal by May 5th 2018. My Employer submitted the documentation via Fedex Overnight on May 4th 2018. May 5th is a Saturday and the Fedex package will be reached to USCIS on Monday the May 7th. Questions : 1) Will it be OK by the USCIS that my document reached on the following business day of May 5th, which is May 7th? 2) If the answer for #1 above is "NO", What is my status from May 5th onwards? Am I still legal to stay in the USA since I have a valid I-94? 3) If I can legally stay in the USA, can I also work on the valid I-94 based on the original approved H1B Petition? Please let me know, Thanks !
  13. h1busybee

    H1B stamping while amendment pending

    Hi , What are the risks that I should be aware of if I pick option # 1.
  14. Hi , I would like to get my H1B Visa Stamped and given my current situation, I am trying to choose the best approach. Below is my current situation: I am working for Employer A Currently with Client A I am planning to switch to new Client - Client B in August. I understand that an H1B Amendment shall be filed when I change client and that amendment might take upto 6 months for approval. Options Go for Visa Interview at Mexico in the next few weeks, before changing client to Client B. After changing to Client B, Go for Visa Interview, at India(assuming H1B Amendment is still in progress and not yet approved) sometime in November(I have plan to go to India in November) and use drop box option( I am eligible for drop box). Given my situation, which approach would be better and safer. Thanks !
  15. h1busybee

    Visitor Visa for Cousin

    Hi, My first cousin would like to travel to USA for a few months and stay with our family while in US. How do I sponsor a cousin to get a Visitor Visa? Is there any risk of not getting Visa, if so, how do I mitigate the risk? Thanks !