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  1. H1-BGuy

    H1B to H4 to H1B

    As long as any employers are willing to sponsor for your H1, You can def re-use it and with approved I-140 can continue getting extensions
  2. H1-BGuy

    H1B extension - PERM/I-140 pending

    You should not have any problems using your existing I-140 and getting H1-B extension.
  3. H1-BGuy

    remote Work from home permanently on H1b

    Hello @shirish_sahu - While filing your H1-B petition, Your employer can list 2 addresses on LCA and you can work from those locations without any issues. It will also doesn't create any complications for your travel/Visa Stamping.
  4. H1-BGuy

    H1B port of Entry - Deported. My options now?

    @krishnan1979 - Sorry to hear about this, what paper work did they ask you at POE?.
  5. You need to produce your latest I-797 at Port of Entry and make sure they give you the I94 based on what you have in the petition.
  6. H1-BGuy

    H1B filling for our employee

    You need to hire an immigration attroney and they will work on your employee's case for filing NIV.
  7. H1-BGuy

    Have valid I797B but no visa

    @Rachit - I don't think you will have a valid H1B now, It was filed by your first employer and you did not travel to United States to work. Filing vs working are 2 different things.
  8. H1-BGuy

    New client not on LCA or Ammendment

    Check this out https://www.uscis.gov/archive/uscis-draft-guidance-when-file-amended-h-1b-petition-after-simeio-solutions-decision and see if you are under the qualifying criteria.
  9. H1-BGuy

    Visa Stamping with approved I-797 for previous client

    You should wait for H1B Amendment to be approved. As you are no longer working for old client it is not recommended to use that petition for visa stamping purpose. Try to expedite your processing by upgrading to premium processing if that is available.
  10. H1-BGuy

    MS in computer Science on H1 B

    @DollyDev - It is always good to work in the same field as what you have studied. Now, H1-B approval again is all dependent on who is evaluating your case, There are circumstances where people with similar background also got questioned and asked to provide additional evidences to support petition filed.
  11. H1-BGuy

    H1B Approved. I-797 Expired. Not stamped.

    @ted91 - Applying for I-797 Extension is certainly possible in your case. Your employer who has sponsored H1B should have filed the extension, Check with your employer on further details.
  12. All the Port of Entries are one and same. As long as you have enough evidences to prove that you are employed in United States you will have fair chances
  13. H1-BGuy

    Travel to India while H1B Amendment is Pending

    Pankaj -there is very minimal/ no risk for travelling while amendment is pending.. If you are working for same employer who filed for your amendment and you have filed it before joining the work site. Just carry the proper documentation like receipt notice, paystubs, current i797 etc..
  14. When your transfer petition is approved, Your old employer has to withdraw your petition. You can apply for any no of jobs you can, there is no restrictions on filing H1 Transfers
  15. H1-BGuy

    H1 Transfer with Receipt Number

    It purely your call no one really can help you out there..