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  1. Hi, I am working with current employer from July 2019 on H1b status. My previous employer filed 485 for me on 23rd October, 2020 based on future employment basis and I have received EAD on 13th July, 2021 as well as my action date(priority date) is not current yet. Meanwhile my current employer had to file my H1b extension and it got approved on 29th September, 2021 and validity starts from 5th December, 2021. FYI, This extension is filed after I received EAD. Is it legally valid, if I would like to join with completely different employer by using EAD? if it is valid then do I need to report back to original employer who filed my 485 when I receive GC in future?
  2. gkbandi


    Hi, I am working on remote location (Atlanta) for a client (California) where my employer is a direct vendor and I have moved to different location (Virginia, remote work) due to my personal reasons and my employer has filed an amendment for location change then received RFE for Speciality Occupation, Employee Employer Relationship, Education and Job evaluation (I have 15 years study + 2 yr IT Diploma with private institute from India) and 12+ years of IT experience, 6 yrs with current employer) . 1. Client is not ready to provide client letter (is it mandatory)? 2. I am pursuing new employment opportunities with other employers (Direct Client), is it okay to file H1b transfer with new employer while RFE is going on? 3. To fulfill the requirement of 16 years study, 15 years education + 3 years work experience (for 1 yr study) is sufficient? Please advise to take right steps to address RFE and pursuing with new employment opportunity. I really appreciate your help in this regard. Thanks.
  3. Hi, My wife has worked on US on L1b till 7th June 2013. Her L1b extension got rejected on 7th June 2013 then travelled back to India on 14th June 2013. While, she has applied for H1b Visa on April 2013 got picked in Lottery and its in initial review. How does the below scenarios lead her case to comeback to US. 1. if she applies for H4 from India, lets assume it gets approved while H1b application in pending and travel to US before H1b gets approved. What is her status in US when H1b gets approved before and after Oct 1st. 2. If her H4 and H1 both gets approved while she is in India, Can she travel on H4 to US then file COS to H1 on or later Oct 1st. Note - we have a kid who is American Citizen. Does that impact her Embassy interview in any manner.