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  1. Hi, My spouse was working for day care till last week. Due to the current COVID situation, the day care has placed her on standby status and the center is closed. Since she is on H4 EAD, can she claim for unemployment benefits from state of Michigan? If she claims this benefit, would there be any immigration issues with respect to GC processing for myself and for my spouse? Thanks.
  2. Hi All, Has someone recently gone to India and got visa stamped with DUI, 2nd or 3rd time after the original visa stamping (1st time) post the DUI? I had my incident in Jan 2015 and went to India in September 2015 for my marriage and got Visa stamped. I have had H1B extensions successfully here. Now, I am planning to go to India this year. Just want to know, if someone has gone for visa stamping in the recent times with a DUI for 2nd or 3rd time visa stamping. Are you being asked to go for Medical Evaluation if you have the medical reports with you from the first time? How many weeks does it take to get the visa stamped? Please advise.
  3. mrav85

    DUI pending case and h1b extension filing

    The extension from employer should not be a problem. In the questionnaire from your employer, please mention about the incident, if there is a question. I have had 2 extensions from the time the incident happened. Please be truthful in all occasions.
  4. mrav85

    Court Documents needed for a DUI case

    You need probation completion letter from your PO, Court disposition letter, Register of Actions from the court . Please carry as much details as you can. Reach out to me if you need any additional details. My email is on my profile.
  5. mrav85

    H1b Stamping and DUI

    Hi Raam, With the DUI, how can you travel to Canada; as they treat DUI as a felony. I thought people who have a DUI, can't travel to Canada at all; unless you get Citizenship (Indian passport to US Passport).
  6. mrav85

    I94 on new passport

    Hi, My wife went to Cancun on Jan 3rd and came back the same day with her I94 renewed till Jan 8 2020. let me know, if there are any questions. Based on what I heard, the SENTRI offices, would be closed. Sorry for the late reply.
  7. mrav85

    I94 on new passport

    Thanks @pontevecchio for the reply. My spouse is on H4 and I am having her fly to Cancun / Mexico, and reenter with the new I94 on the new passport.
  8. mrav85

    I94 on new passport

    Another question: Is the SENTRI enrollment centers open during the federal shutdown?
  9. mrav85

    I94 on new passport

    Hi, Old passport expiry date: 01/08/2019 Visa Expiry Date: 12/30/2019 I stay at Michigan, and this is regarding getting the I94 renewal on the new passport, after the I94 date on the old passport expired. When I entered last Dec 2017, the CBP officer gave the I94 date till 8-Jan-2019, as my passport is expiring on that date. Now , I have got a new passport and would like to get my I94 date renewed. I tried going to nearest airport CBP - but they said I have to go to USCIS field office to renew it. When I Called USCIS field office to have an Infopass appointment scheduled - they asked me to go to CBP office. I am confused, as I wanted to get the I94 renewed on my new passport without travelling outside country. Please advise, if there is any option to do it within USA. Thanks, Mani
  10. mrav85

    Travelling via Frankfurt with expired H1B

    If I am not wrong, you will not be able to fly via Europe (except Amsterdam) with an expired US visa. You have to fly via Arab countries. They will ask for a valid US visa if you are traveling from US. You might need a transit visa (even if you are not switching countries in Europe). Call the airlines and confirm.
  11. mrav85

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    Though your visa is revoked, you have to file your extension when you are in US - in which case USCIS may ask for additional information about the case details. I read an article recently which said, if you are applying for extension - they are denying the extension and you need to apply for a visa in your home country (upon the new visa post medical evaluation) - you can come and apply for extension. But, in your case - you don't have enough time to get a new visa. Please consult an attorney and proceed. Also, try to file the extension in premium processing. Keep updating the status.
  12. It really depends on you. As you have to do your extension, it would be better to tell them now or at that point. Since the case is dismissed and if you have solid documentation to support the case - in my opinion there is nothing much to worry. I have had my extension in 2016 when I joined Full Time for my employer. I did mention about the incident at the time of hiring to HR, and attorney and it did go in my favor. I submitted all the documentation while they prepared the petition. Please reach out to an attorney; if you need additional clarifications.
  13. Hi ADC10, The link you have pasted did not get pasted to an actual URL. Visa revocation is an existing process that happens where the embassy will cancel the visa in case there was an arrest. Still you can continue to stay in US; but you can't use your existing visa to enter back; with which you entered last time - even if you have validity. You need to go through the medical evaluation process (depending on what you are arrested for) and upon clearing the exam and other things that VO looks - they will make a decision whether to issue the visa or not. It is better to tell the immigration attorney about it; even if you are not - they will get to know during the H1 extension.
  14. mrav85

    DUI and h1b extension 2018

    Hi, File your extension ASAP and get it approved. When you file the petition, I think it will go to RFE asking for court docs (disposition letter, probation completion etc - not sure how you can provide when the case is still open) if the case is filed. Try to reduce it to something less. DUI charges wont go off your record, it stays forever until you become a Citizen. It can be expunged depending on the state where you are. But for Immigration purposes it will always be there. Not sure of the impact of new rules. All the best.
  15. mrav85

    H1B Visa stamping at Chennai - Sep 15

    Hi Sorry, was not logging in. you can email me at the address on the profile.