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  1. mrav85

    H1B Visa stamping at Chennai - Sep 15

    Hi Sorry, was not logging in. you can email me at the address on the profile.
  2. Hi, Please check this post and see where you are at. Based on what I read, I am thinking, if the report is good - you should see an update in a week from your last update. you can email the consulate. Did you get any notification to submit your passport?
  3. I went on the same day booking an appointment with the Apollo Hospital. The reports were sent to consulate the very next day and for me everything in 3 weeks. Refer to my detailed post.
  4. I did travel for my marriage within one year from the time incident happened; and had to go through Physician Panel and got my visa issued. Plan for 4-6 weeks timeframe.
  5. Hi, I had a DUI incident in Jan 2015 and I went to India in September 2015 and got my visa issued after going through the physician panel. I came back to US in October 2015. Now the question is, 1. if I travel to India will there be any problem with the visa interview? 2.Also, am I eligible for dropbox if my past visa expired within an year of visa interview with this incident? 3. Is it safe to travel with all the documents for the visa interview? Thanks.
  6. mrav85

    (DUI) F1 renewal help- ARD completed

    If the officer has given 221G asking you to go to Physician panel, you have to make an appointment at the hospital location (City) where you went for stamping. There the doctors will do physical evaluation, psych evaluation along with blood test and X ray and submit the results to the consulate directly. Then the consulate will ask you to drop the passport at the VAC in order to issue the visa, IF the reports from the hospital looks good.
  7. mrav85

    Visa revocation out of DUI?

    Hi, I got my extension through my last employer last Jun and I joined at client side full time this Jan. During the H1 transfer from my previous employer to my client employer, the transfer went on fine. No issues and Visa was not revoked when I checked the CEAC website.
  8. mrav85

    H1B visa revoked after being pulled over for DUI

    Refer my detailed post. I have given all the details.
  9. Will a DUI misdeameanor fall under this category for removal?
  10. mrav85

    New EO impacts

    Hi, With the EO from the new administration, will a person with DWI misdeameanor record be deported? I assume DWI is not a CIMT. Please advise. Thanks.
  11. mrav85

    Drop Box eligibility

    No dropbox now as it has been suspended. You have to appear at consulate for in person interview.
  12. mrav85

    221g on the rise?

    No more drop box now after the suspension. Plan accordingly.
  13. mrav85

    H1 Visa Stamping - With 10 year old DUI

    I guess you should be okay, as you have gone thru the process already in 2011. If VO asks during the interview, tell them you have goen thru it once and you incident might be 5 years old by then. If you have the report, then hand that over to the VO or request them to check on their system. I asked the panel physician doctor as the form mentioned Immigrant Medical checkup (as I applied for NIV)- she said, it is the same for both NIV & IV. Thanks.
  14. mrav85

    H1B extension stamping with DUI.

    That is what my understanding as well. If you can share the URL for the article, that should be helpful.