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  1. zakerece

    H1B RFE(Missing SOW)

    @User099 Thanks for your response. The xyz client letter which i submitted already mentioned about my Employer A as " I'm an employee of company A contracted by B through C on assignment at xyz". But still got RFE. What other options i can include?
  2. zakerece

    H1B RFE(Missing SOW)

    Hi, I'm working for Employer A at Client xyz location. Between my employer A and client xyz, there is one vendor B and implementing partner C. While filing H1b extension, i submitted all documents(xyz client letter , implementing partner C letter, vendor B letter, contract between my employer A and B and contract between vendor B and Implementing partner). Now i received RFE asking the SOW between implementing partner C and client xyz. Implementing partner C said that as per their policy they will not share any contractual documents between them and client. They can only give their letter by stating that i'm working at client xyz and my employer is A. Can someone please suggest how should i respond to this RFE where it specifically mentioned about contractual documents(either Work order or SOW) between client xyz and implementing partner C? What documents i can submit? What other options i may have?
  3. zakerece

    Accomodation in Vancouver on Sep 2nd,3rd

    HI Dinesh, I want accomidation from Sep 4th. Please let me know if we can share? you can reply me @ ****************@gmail.com. Thanks
  4. Hi Satish, I also have the appointment on one day before you. you can reach me @ ****************@gmail.com for further discussion. Thanks Thanks,
  5. Does anyone have interview date in Sep 5th? i'm travelling on Sep 4th. Please let me know if anyone have accomidation so that i can share between Sep 4th to Sep 8th. Thanks
  6. Hi All, My interview date is also on July 22nd and reaching to vancover on 20th midnight and i'm looking to share the accommodation. Please let me know if anyone ready to share. Thanks
  7. Hi All, I'm looking for Accommodation in vancouver from July 20th to July 25th. Please let me know if anyone want to share accommodation during these days. Thanks
  8. Hi All, i have interview date on July 22 2013 and i'm looking for temporary accommodation from July 20th to July 25th. Please let me know if any one have accommodation available during this date. Thanks
  9. zakerece

    Canada tourist visa

    Thanks all for your response. I just emailed to them and waiting for their response. Its been a month and half and no response yet.
  10. zakerece

    Canada tourist visa

    Hi, I also applied on May 18th and they received my application on May 21st to NY office but no response yet. i'm just tracking via the fed ex number. Is there any other way to track it? I have the visa date on July 20th. Can anyone response who recently received their canada visa. Thanks