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  1. am401202

    EAD / H1B

    Thanks, Pontevecchio. I would like to see the rule if it on uscis portal or so. Can you please post the reference?
  2. am401202

    EAD / H1B

    Here is my situation: I am currently on H1B and working full-time for an Employer A. I also have received EAD (through my Spouse LPR). Last week I received a part-time job offer from Employer B. My Question is: Can I keep my H1B active by working full-time for Employer A, while also working as a part-time on my EAD until I get my GC. If I use my EAD for a part-time job for Employer B, will this impact my H1B? Appreciate an immediate response. Thanks & Happy Holidays!!!!!!
  3. My spouse (LPR) is the petitioner. I am the beneficiary, and I am on H1B. My I-130 is approved and now I need to File I-485. And one of the requirement is that petitioner should file Affidavit of Support for me. And my wife is not employed in past 3 years. Actually she never worked. But since our wedding back in 2011, I have filed Joint Tax returns (2011,2012). And being a house hold member, can i put my income in form I-864 which she needs to submit as a petitioner. And as my income is good enough but I am on H1B, then Do I need any third person Affidavit of Support?
  4. @ LovesUSCIS: I am also in the same boat as you are, and after some research I found that we can apply but I could not find a definitive USCIS document with such a directive. So can't really advice you on this. Here is my side: Currently I am on H-1B amd my wife who is LPR applied I-130 for me in Dec 2011 and since last 20 days my Case status is showing up as: "At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information." And I just checked Visa Bulletin for Aug 2013 and it's current for F2A category. Now I am really confused whether to file for Adjustment of Status or wait for i-130 approval? And also how long this PD will be valid. I see that is is Current for Aug 2013. So if I think to apply for AOS even if my i-130 is pending, then Can I apply like Aug 25th or so. Or is it like FCFS. But my big concern is "Can I apply for AOS when my i-130 status is not showing up".
  5. am401202

    I-130 Status

    Thank JoeF, but my question was can beneficiary call USCIS number to get the status on the case?
  6. If you maintain a good credit score and it is in good standing, but more debt.Will there be any problem with greencard processing?
  7. Can a beneficiary (applicant) call USCIS 1-800 toll free number to report a problem with case status online as it doesn't show any information but was showing up until yesterday. Or is it Petitioner who has to call? Can someone help please..
  8. Until yesterday my case status was showing up online. Now it is shwoing as below when i am checking online status """"At this time USCIS cannot provide you with information for your case. Please contact the NCSC 1 (800) 375-5283 for additional information.""" What does this mean? Please help!
  9. I checked my status online a hour ago, and it was showing up and "initial process". And I just checked few mins ago, and it says status not available. And I tried many time and also verified if I am typing the correct number, but it still showing up not available. Not sure what's going on.
  10. I applied i-130 for my spouse through Attorney. And within a week, we received WAC# and application was accepted. And I applied in Dec 2011. Later we moved to the new apartment last year in Oct 2012 and I notified my attorney about my change of address. And now when I check my status online, it says it is in Initial stage. But it doesn't say anything about the change of address in status. And I also met Attorney last month and he said it is ok. Is it really ok or it is a concern for me. Please help?