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  1. Hi,

    I recently had my first H1B stamping done in Canada last month. I was on F1 visa and got my first H1 B stamping in Canada. During my visit to the US consulate they took my i-94 card (during Visa Interview). while travelling back from Canada to USA, the immigration was done at Toronto airport and no new i-94 was issued for me. the immigration officer just stamped on my passport.

    Would this be an issue ?

    IS there a way for me to get a new i-94 card.


    appreciate your time.

  2. @kalyan -

    here is my theory man - what im guessing is that all our files were just sitting at the toronto consulate for the counselor to process. this process probably started on OCT 16th when all our status dates were updated. Probably this is when they sent it to the DOS. Not sure how long from this date would the DOS take to process the applications and send back the info.

    Not sure why the toronto consulate kept our applications for soo loong without being processed.