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  1. Has anyone experienced administrative processing for O visa application ? If so, how much delay have you had ?
  2. My 6yr old son has visited Hyderabad with his grandmother. We tried using the drop box for his H4 stamping with new dates. We have sent all papers including both of our new I-797 approvals with new dates extending to 2014. The US Consulate in Hyderabad has raised an objection saying that none of the parent's passports are stamped with current visa dates. So they did not accept the papers. Due to work obligations we didn't get to visit India after our visas got extended. So none of our passports are stamped with current visa dates. But we both had our I-797's with H1B approval till 2014 and 2015. Is this objection valid ? Is having parent's passport stamped mandatory in case of a Minor child ? They did B1/ B2 visitor Visa for our parents few months ago, without asking for our visa stamping...but why do they have an objection now ? Could we send him for Visa interview instead ? ....plz give suggestions.