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  1. superdude123

    File I-485 with my old company

    Thanks JoeF and pontevecchio. My new employer started the GC process by filing the PWD 2 months back. How much time does it take for the GC to come for me? Just a conservative estimate since the PD is current for a while.
  2. Hi, My PD is July 25 2008 in EB2 category and I-140 was approved in Sep 2009. I left to my home country when my project was over in June 2010 and my old employer told me that they have withdrawn my I-140 in April 2011. Recently I came to US in H1B work visa with a current employer. My question is: Can I file my I-485 based on a Job offer from my old employer since the EB2 cutoff date is current for my PD? What are the requirements and potential issues that are there in filing I-485 and associated Applications? Thanks.
  3. superdude123

    H4-Travel with H1 Petition Receipt

    Hi OP, did your Wife travel with the new employer's Receipt notice? I am also in the same situation. My family have the H4 Visa stamped and I will be shortly moving to the new Employer with receipt notice. Thanks
  4. superdude123

    H1B revocation

    I was in similar situation 4 years back. My new H1B visa stamp was refused at the consulate and petition was revoked by USCIS after it was sent back. But my current employer used the same petition to file cap-exempt status and was approved without any issue. Till now with two different clients and in both the times, I had gone to Chennai consulate stamping without any issue. Your H1B will fall under the cap-exempt quota as per my example. But different attorneys will interpret in different ways.
  5. Did you get any update on your case? Even my Amendment filed under PP has reached California Center on March 28. I finally got the Receipt Notice, but the Case Status shows "Case Received" and Attorneys haven't received yet any other info. Notice Date is March 30, 2018. Don't know the delay is due to the avalanche of petitions came on April 2nd.
  6. I got the H1B visa stamped till Apr 25, 2018 ( 6 months from now). Went to Chennai Consulate. Is it advisable to return to US with the H1B when there are so many RFEs and Amendment/Extension denials? I worked in USA before and had PD July25, 2008 which is current now. (I140 approved and later withdrawn by the previous employer). How is the Green Card processing?
  7. Hi, My company immigration team informed me that the Attorneys had received H1B Approval notice and they shared me the scanned copy of it. But the online USCIS Case status page still shows "Response To USCIS' Request For Evidence Was Received". I am actually going to visa stamping in 2 weeks and am little bit worried why the online status was not updated. Also, USCIS gave approval for just 7 months. Very little time period. Is that normal? We have asked for 3 years. Regards. KJ
  8. superdude123

    Am I counted in the H1B Cap?

    Thanks Jairichi, That's what I am going to do. I will contact an Murthy's attorneys in the Chennai office. Thank you.
  9. superdude123

    Am I counted in the H1B Cap?

    Hi All, I have an updated on my case. My current India employer's Attorneys contacted the USCIS to know more about my petition which was denied at the consulate. As mentioned in my earlier post, the Petition was sent back to the USCIS which was sent back with a recommendation to Revoke. The USCIS revoked it later. Now my current India employer's attorney is hesitant to apply it in Cap Exempt petition. I read in various forums including Murthy that my petition once approved will be cap exempt. I know I can't do much here but I wanted to know what is likelihood of getting it approved if applied?
  10. superdude123

    Am I counted in the H1B Cap?

    Thanks Jairichi, Just want to add one point clear: I am not a US returnee. I am working in India when this new H1B was applied in 2013-2014. So just want to confirm, am I still counted against the Cap? Thank You.
  11. superdude123

    Am I counted in the H1B Cap?

    I have applied for my first time H1B in the 2013-2014 cap. It was approved after an RFE. I went to Consular Stamping this Feb, 2014. It was put under Admin Processing and later sent back to USCIS with a recommendation to revoke. Later, the USCIS sent an RFE to my future employer and my employer sent back required details for the RFE. Right now, my H1B petition is in RFE Review state. My questions are : 1. Am I counted in the H1B Cap or not? 2. Can my current India employer apply his H1B based on the previous H1B approval or does it have to apply in the new 2015-2016 Cap? Thanks in advance for your responses.
  12. superdude123

    221g BLUE/GREEN Chennai Tracker 2013

    Adding my case here: Interview date: 24-Feb-2014 AAP box was ticket. All the employer docs like I1797, I129, all project related docs, etc were verified and taken. My degree and marks sheet were returned. last updated status in USTRAVELDOCS: 24-Feb-2014.
  13. superdude123

    H1B extention apply one week before expire

    Prem, what took so long to prepare the petition? Never a good situation to be in when you are going to send a petition just a week before your 1 week visa expiry. To answer your question, no problems in posting your extension petition docs and the USCIS has to receive them before I94 expiry date. My own personal experience had a bitter ending. I had to leave US when my project ended just about when my attorney was to post the extension docs to USCIS. My visa was to expire in 2 weeks and there was no time to get a new job and a new Client letter with in two weeks. Left for my home country immediately.