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  1. @ Joef : I know you are one of the popular member in this forum. Sorry for asking again.. Are you sure that Remote work for a month or two lands on out of status ? ynr : instead of working from US, I will be working from India. thats it .. no change in pay or any thing else.. I know that few of my colleagues did worked/working from India. but how long can we do this?
  2. Can a H1B holder allowed to work from India for 1 or 2 months? I heard that there will be some tax issues. is it true? Is there a rule or limit on this? I am aware that this is employers concern, but curious to know.
  3. I have my visa stamping appointment on 12th Dec at Calgary. Please let me know, if anyone else is planning ?? Dinesh
  4. same situation here, but applied for amendment on June and still waiting ..
  5. dinu

    Canada TRV Online application help

    Itinerary, Travel -- I took a screenshot of flight details from hotwire and attached it as pdf. Invitation Letter -- write a simple letter with why you are going to Canada and duration of your visit.
  6. dinu

    CANADA Visitor Visa for H1B

    login to http://www.cic.gc.ca/english/e-services/mycic.asp Click on GC Key Log in and then on Register.
  7. dinu

    h1 amendment

    Yes you need to file Amendment if ur planning for stamping. If not, you are good.
  8. dinu

    Canada TRV application online submission

    I am not sure about the inperson process.. I suggest you to send my mail.
  9. dinu

    Canada TRV application online submission

    Submited online on 6/06/2013 .. Got an E-mail requesting my passport on 6/21/2013, submited my passport on the same day (6/21/2013), got my passport back with visa stamped 6/28/2013. Total processing time in my case is 20 days
  10. dinu

    Canada Consulate in US for in-person

    enigma006/sreenivas : I am just planning to apply online. created the account and filled the forms.. whats next ?? Do I will be getting an E-mail asking me to submit my possport or what ? Can you please explan me the process?