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  1. sktripathi

    H1B stamping while I140 is in progress

    With answer YES With answer yes, is there any possibility of VISA rejection or delay? As pending I140 will reflect possible immigrant. Just Curious to know.
  2. I want to know that, if someone can go to his/her home country to renew H1B visa stamp while his/her I140 petition is pending due to RFE. One month back I got RFE on my I140 and planning to reply by next month. Due to some unavoidable situations, I need to go my home county. My H1B VISA is expired but my I129 is valid up to March 1st 2015. Will it be safe to go for new H1B VISA stamp in Dec 2014?
  3. sktripathi

    Chances of EB1-A

    MS and PhD in Plant Molecular Biology from India Postdoc at a United Nations Research Institute (India) for 2 yrs Postdoc at a major Natural Product Research institution - 4 yrs Full Member of Sigma-Xi Peer reviewer for 5 international journals (impact factor 2- to 3) (Total reviews 5 so far) Total 9 papers (impact factor 3 to 5.6) 2 in #1 journal in Pharmacology & Pharmacy 2 in one of the top 100 most influential journals in Biology and Medicine over the last 100 years (DBIO 100) 1 Book Chapter Genomic Database Submissions (GenBank) 4 new isolated full length gene sequence Total citations: 83 so far (from all over the world) H-index: 5 i10 index: 4 19 abstracts published (15 as first author, 4 as co-author) - presented at international conferences (in USA and 2 other countries) (2 abstracts selected for oral presentation) Any other suggestion to improve my credentials?