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    H4 Extension and H1B RFE

    This might be a common case but needed some help here. I am on H4 currently and my visa/I-94 is expiring on 31-Dec-2013 (end of this year) along with my husband’s H1B. My husband’s company is filing for extension for his H1B and along with that for my H4 as well. I applied for H1b through a consultant this year and got through lottery but got an RFE which will be responded by this week (RFE is for asking for client letter etc.) My question is Can these two applications be getting processed at the same time? One for extending my H4 along with H1B of my husband and the new H1B for myself on which we got the RFE? Let me know. Thanks.
  2. Hello, I applied in DV-2014 lottery last year in Oct 2013. At that time, I was in India and used my husband's chargeability as he is an Indian citizen but born in Libya (Africa). Between then and now, my husband relocated to US on H1B and I came here as well on H4. Today I checked and found that my application was selected in DV-2014 lottery. 1.) My question is, being in US now, Can I simply do Adjustment of Status even though my DV application gives the Post as Mumbai as I was in India when I had applied? 2.) If the above answer is Yes, when do I initiate this adjustment of status? My case number is 2014AFXXXX8XXX (eight thousand something)? My H4 to H1 is also in process as I got selected in the H1B lottery and the result is in decision status. Please let me know on the above queries. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.