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  1. No H1-B transfer does not automatically take care of extension. It has to be mentioned in the petition as a change of employer plus extension of stay. If there is any extension of stay involved, it will not be premium processed till July 26th.
  2. My H1 transfer that was filed only for change of employer without extension of stay was approved under premium processing. I applied on June 9th and got approval on June 20th.
  3. Thanks a lot Confessions. This is gonna help many people here. All the best to you for your new job!
  4. Confessions So for your transfer did u file only "Change of employer" and USCIS premium processed it? I am guessing since u already got ur approval, u didn't apply for extension of stay and only for change of employer. Is that correct. If it is, then this is a very helpful post for many of us who are waiting to hear if USCIS is allowing premium processing for H1 transfers only requesting a change of employer. Thanks. Please let us know. Sorry I don't have a reply for ur question though.
  5. I am in the same boat here. My employer has filed only for Change of Employer in premium processing and not for extension since my I-94 is valid till 2017. I am waiting to hear back from the lawyer if this was considered as a premium processing application or not. If anybody has any updates please let us know.
  6. Hello H1bSeeker2011 Please let me know if your application was filed under Premium Processing requesting only a change of employer and same end that as the previous H1? Also did USCIS accept it as a Premium Processing application? Thanks.
  7. I have time until August 2017 on my current H1B approval notice as well as on the I-94. If I need to change employers, does the new company absolutely need to file for an extension of stay too? Is it possible to only file for a change of employer and request the same end date as the current I-94? I need to premium process my application and just looking for ways to avoid USCIS's crazy rule of suspending Premium processing for next two months. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  8. Hello I have an approved I-797 from Company A that started on October 1st, 2014 and the I-94 accompanying it has an expiry date of August 2017. When Company B files for an H-1 transfer for me, can they only file for a 'Change of Employer application' without a 'Request for extension of stay', since my I-94 is valid for 2 more years? Or do they still need to file for a 'Request for extension to stay'? I am trying to escape the latest (bizarre) notification from USCIS that suspended the use of Premium Processing for H-1B 'extension of stay' petitions. I absolutely need to get my application under Premium Processing and there is no clarity about which applications will be exempt from this new rule. Will this new rule also impact 'Change of Employer' applications too? And can I apply only under 'Change of Employer'? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  9. Hello, I am currently on OPT and have an approved H1 that will be effective from October 1st from Company A. I have an offer to join Company B and they have agreed to initiate the H1 transfer before October 1st. My question is, given this very small window (nearly 8-9 days) can the company file for my H1 transfer and get a receipt during this short interval. I am assuming that with all the paperwork involved, even by expediting the process on their end, they might be able to send out the H1B application to USCIS by 24th September. This leaves only about 5-6 days for USCIS to generate a receipt. So should I expedite the process or is it better to wait for my H1 to begin with company A and then later transfer to Company B after getting few pay stubs by working on H1 for Company A. Please help.
  10. Hello My first 12-month OPT expires on August 19th 2013 and I am planning to leave USA and return on July 8th 2013. I have a visa that is valid till 2015 and I am working full-time for an E-verify employer. I am planning to apply for STEM extension after returning as it is said that one should not travel while the STEM extension application is pending approval. My question is with nearly one month left on my OPT, will I be allowed to reenter USA to resume my employment and due to the fact that I am eligible for STEM extension? Please let me know It would really help me make my travel plans. Thanks in advance.