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  1. Thanks to murthy forum and all the valuable inputs given by the members. Here is my case : March 2nd 2013 : Arrested for DUI in california August 27 2013 : Pleaded guilty Dec 23 : completed dui classes jan 7 2014 : got my license back. April 28 2014 : visa interview in jamaica. VO referred me to medical panel May 8th 2014 : followup appointment , no questions asked ,visa approved and got the passport same day. Port of Entry : took me to secondary check and again no questions asked.
  2. batasari

    H1 visa interview on April 29th in Jamaica

    Hi hs36, my interview is on april 28th too. i am flying from LA. if you click my profile you can see my email id. please send me an email.
  3. batasari

    H1B Visa Stamping Interview - Jamaica- Apr28

    i have also appointment on the 28th April. lets get in touch and book the hotel.
  4. @iham Please provide your contact info. Thanks
  5. batasari

    H1B Stamping with DUI and Protected Custody.

    Nomad, Can you please update your status? Thanks
  6. batasari

    Just got a DUI.Will it affect my H1B stamping chances ?

    @vancouver020112--- I am following all the threads but i am still unclear if we can go to canada for visa stamping with a dui.please clarify if we can get a canada visa with dui. thanks
  7. batasari

    H1B Stamping with DUI got 221G

    @rajk78912. Raj,please update your status. are you a FTE or an consultant? Thanks
  8. batasari

    H1b visa stamping in Canada..with DUI diversion

    @iham did u apply visa to canada? if so did u get it? please update ur status. thanks