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  1. h1pregnant

    H1b and pregnancy

    Thank you all for your valuable time and inputs.
  2. h1pregnant

    H1b and pregnancy

    I am on H1b and currently in my 7th month of pregnancy. Is there any provision by H1b law that a pregnant woman can be on leave during pregnancy (maternity leave)? And also what is the maximum, I can be on leave during pregnancy and after the delivery? If I go on leave, do my employer have to pay? Is it better to go on H4 to avoid immigration problems? My employer would not continue GC process, if I decide to go on H4 and also I believe that if I go on H4, I may not be able to come back on H1b. going on H4 means, I have to leave my well paying job as well. Its a tough situation. Please don't suggest "I should not have planned for the pregnancy". Thanks.