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  1. My mom's visitor visa expired 15 days ago, she does not have "Clearance approved" on her visa. Will she be able for dropbox? Also, does she has to go for fingerprinting again?
  2. I recently got an RFE on my present H1B which is valid until 2014. My employer sent the response back on May 20 and I am awaiting a response from USCIS. I just had few questions in regards to this, if any one could guide me on what steps should I take during a worst case scenario so as to get myself prepared for something that is going to come. 1) How long do I have after my H1B visa gets cancelled to leave USA. 2) Can I apply for H1B visa as soon as my visa gets cancelled(probably next day as one other employer is willing to do it for me) and not leave the country until it is approved. 3) What should I do after the new hlb visa gets approved. Do I have to get outside of the country to get it stamped before starting to work( I would be working for the same client under the new H1B as well). 4) Can the employer challenge the visa cancellation after USCIS examined the docs and sent a response. Thanks to all for looking at my questions.