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  1. himaverick


    Hi Immi_pavan, Any progress on your visa. I too have a similar case.
  2. Hi User 099, I have an stamped but unused VISA since 2011. Can I use it for a cap-exempt petition now?
  3. himaverick

    OLD unused I797B

    Hi Chai, I have a similar situation but got my Visa stamping. Even then it is not under cap-exempt?
  4. himaverick

    I 797B unused

    Hi Arun, Any update on your status. Did you manage to get your Visa?
  5. Hi Yashvirs, any update on your visa?
  6. Hi, Have a similar situation. However I got my Visa stamped in 2011, but never traveled to the USA. Does this mean I was counted and is cap-exempt now? Kindly request your advise on this issue
  7. Hi, Is the 6 years calculated from the date of approval of the petition or H1B Visa stamping?
  8. himaverick

    Validity of stamped unused H1B visa

    Thanks, Is there any restrictions in terms of no. of years till which I am Cap exempt. In some posts I read that it is for a period of 6 years. Kindly request you to clarify the same.
  9. Hi, I have a stamped H1B visa since April 2011. However I never travelled to US. A potential recruiter is interested. Would it be possible to apply for cap-exempt visa now. Thanks,
  10. himaverick

    Expired - Unused H1b - no petition paper

    Thanks for the confirmation. I have only the receipt number and dont have the copy of the approved petition. Will it be sufficient enough for the new petition?
  11. Hi members, I got my H1B visa approved and stamped in 2011 Feb. But I left the firm A to pursue MBA in june 2011 and have never traveled to US. Subsequently, the visa expired in feb 2012. Now can a new employer file a new H1B petition under cap exempt quota. Also I don't have any document apart from the VISA stamped in my passport and my peition number.