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  1. dilemmaGC

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    Hi Attroney_6: When can we see movement in this regard? An approximate time frame would be hepful to folks like me. Do update us.
  2. dilemmaGC

    Last Name is misspelled in the 140 approval notice

    I1toh1us : Have you been able to file for your h1b extension with wrong petitioner name on the approval notice? I am in the same situation and I dont know what to do. Please help.
  3. dilemmaGC

    140 approved with wrong Petitioner Name

    I am in the same situation. I received my approved I-140 with wrong petitioner name. I need to file for my H1b extension before end of feb 2014. can I apply for extension using my I-140 with incorrect petitioner name? Please suggest. I am worried.
  4. Hi All: I just received my approved I-140 with wrong petitioner name on it. The lawyers said they contacted the USCIS to get a corrected copy. My questions are: 1. How long will it take to receive a corrected copy 2. I need to file for my H1b extension by end of February. Can I use the approved I-140 copy with the wron petitioner name on it to file for my hib extension? please need your advise. Thanks
  5. dilemmaGC

    Promotion while PERM is pending- Help

    Hi all: I have been working in a company for three years now and been told that I am getting a promotion soon. Filed PERM and still pending. Job title in LC was mentioned as "abc" but after promotion it will be "Sr.abc". My job duties will absolutely remain the same as well as job location. Only my title will change to "Sr.abc" and it comes with about ~15% increase in salary. Q1. Can I get promoted within the same group from "abc" to "Sr.abc" while Labor is still pending? Job duties are absolutely same. Q2. If the answer is NO for the above question, is it possible to take promotion after I-140 approval? Please suggest. All help is highly appreciated.
  6. dilemmaGC

    Promotion while PERM pending or Promotion before new PERM

    Sateesh999: Can you give me an update on this situation? I am in the same boat now.