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  1. rakesh.ch

    H1B Stamping @ Mexico city

    Hi, I'm planning on going for my H-1B stamping in Tijuana. Can you please let me know the process to get the Mexico visitor visa. Since I do not have a valid US visa stamped in my Passport, I need to get Mexico visitor visa. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. rakesh.ch

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    Hi rahul412, According to Section 101(a) 4th point, university has to be public or other nonprofit institution. My University (Silicon Valley University) is Private nonprofit (which I saw in University web site and in Wikipedia). I am bit concerned whether to apply for my H-1B extension or not at this point of time. I applied for my H-1B in June 2010 and got approved in Sep 2010 (Master's Quota) for Fiscal Year 2010. For the same year H-1B quota including (Master's & Regular) was completed in Dec 21 2010. I have time until Feb 2014 to apply my H-1B extension but I have plans to go India for my marriage in Feb so that's why I want to apply now. Can anyone please let me know if I would face problems if I apply for H-1B extension at this point of time Please let me know. Thank you.
  3. rakesh.ch

    H1B Extension RFE for "Profit university"

    Hi Harry1903, Which University you are from? By any chance do you know the list of Universities from which H-1B's are getting affected? My employer said he is going to apply for my extension today so that's why I want to get a clear picture whether if I need to delay a little or go ahead. Please let me know. Thank you.
  4. I got mine in 55 days. Send and email to newyork-im-enquiry@international.gc.ca. Send emails until you get reply.
  5. Check with your client if they got any email and ask them reply ASAP. One of my friend also got the 221g white slip and his query got cleared in 5 business days.
  6. rakesh.ch

    Accomodation in Ottawa for interview on 28th May

    Dude, I booked a motel just three kms away from the Embassy. In case if you are interested in sharing let me know. My number ***********.
  7. rakesh.ch

    Anyone for May 28th

    Which Consulate?
  8. Here is my email address ************@yahoo.com
  9. If anyone planning on the same day or in that week or anyone already living in Ottawa, let me know if we can plan accommodation...you can contact me through my mail id in my profile.