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  1. H1BJourney

    Suggetsions to start the GC process

    Start GC process as early as possible. I'm in same situation like you. On H1 from last October. If your employer hired attorney, then you don't have to worry. Attorney has high knowledge than us.
  2. H1BJourney

    Can I start GC or Wait for Immi Reform?

    Thanks for you replies guys.
  3. Hello Gurus, I have master's degree and I'm also on 1st year of H1B (done with stamping too in Canada). My question: I believe immigration system may definitely change in coming 2 years. Can I wait for the reform (or) go ahead and start GC? FYI, I work for a consulting firm. so I need to takes care of GC things.
  4. Just submit new DS 160 again and update that confirmation number in usvisa-info account
  5. H1BJourney

    LCA & H1B Amendment

    NO need of Amendment. But better to get new LCA. VO matches address on LCA to address on client letter
  6. H1BJourney

    Loomis question

    just go and pick ur passport. it should be ready check usvisa-info site
  7. H1BJourney

    LCA amendment

    you dont need amendment. New LCA is fine which ur employer did.
  8. H1BJourney

    H1B Stamping question. OPT issues. Need Help.

    Don't worry. No one will ask proof........You are going too far. You are on OPT while working for that professor voluntarily.
  9. H1BJourney

    Visa Approved Dec 4 Vancouver

    Hi All, I stayed in Ramada limited vancouver downtown 8 min walk to consulate. Never go before 15 min of appointment time. It is too cold here, must have big jacket and gloves. These are questions asked: VO: Oh, is it H1B VO: Can i have your Driver License, LCA,Offer Letter and Pay stubs Me: given VO: Tell me about your education Me: Did bachelors and Masters in Comp. Sci. and graduated in may 2011 from X university VO: Do you have end client ? where is it? Me: yes, pennsylvania VO: Where is your employer located? Me: Texas VO: What is your salaray? Me: said VO: Any problem with employer? Does he pay on time? Me: No problems, get paid bi weekly VO: Your visa is approved I booked round trip ticket and my return flight is on friday night. I am sure that i will get my passport by friday evening.
  10. H1BJourney

    Accommodation needed Dec 3rd to 6th Vancouver

    where did you book hotel? can you plz contact my email id on my profile.
  11. let me know if anyone planning to book hotel
  12. H1BJourney

    ds 160 submitted.Unable to print application

    Only print confirmation. That's all you needed.
  13. H1BJourney

    ds 160 submitted.Unable to print application

    you can only print confirmation.
  14. H1BJourney

    Help needed with form DS160

    It should be Company B becoz you are going for stamping with company B. Company A is your previous employer.
  15. It is very hard for a govt. agency to file H1B. you better come out. This is the reason people join consultancies. please consult some attorney