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  1. Few months my wife's H4 extension and H4-EAD was filed along with my H1-B extension. My H1-B extension was approved within few weeks but my wife's H4 and H4-EAD petitions are still in process and meanwhile my wife's H4 got expired. Also my wife's new H1-B petition was selected in the lottery this year and got and an RFE. In case if USCIS approves H1-B, will COS be approved or it will only be consular processing because current H4 is expired and H4 extension is still in process?
  2. unknown1234

    221g in Vancouver

    Thanks dude. Sent you an email.
  3. unknown1234

    221g in Vancouver

    Very basic two questions.
  4. unknown1234

    221g in Vancouver

    I had visa interview today at Vancouver consulate for H-1B visa stamping and got 221(g) with white slip. There is no case number or no additional documents asked. Not sure why I got it. Any thoughts how long it will take to get processed?
  5. I am having an H1-B visa interview at Vancouver on November 4th. Please let me know if anyone is also in same situation so that we can look shared accommodation. Thanks, Sandeep.
  6. unknown1234

    H1B stamping @ Canada Vancouer on Nov 4th

    Hello Srikant, Sri and Dinesh, I am also having interview on nov 4th at vancouver and looking for accommodation. Please let me know if you are still looking. Thanks, Sandeep.
  7. unknown1234

    CPT Related question

    CPT must relate to your major and the experience must be part of your program of study. When you enroll at the graduate level, your designated school official (DSO) may authorize CPT during your first semester if your program requires this type of experience. Ask your DSO for details. Source: http://www.ice.gov/sevis/practical-training/
  8. My situation is also similar. My OPT is valid till end of june and I applied for a college. I got acceptance letter and i-20 transfer form (requesting my old college to transfer SEVIS). May i know when my OPT will end now?? Thanks in advance
  9. unknown1234

    CPT Related question

    I did Master's previously and at that time my University has a condition that students have to wait atleast 9 months or 1 year to get CPT. I am planning to do MBA now in another university. But this university is ready to give CPT from the first day if it is matched with their curriculum. So I just want to know whether it is correct thing to work on CPT from first day of my degree. If it is fine then why my previous university denied to give CPT in first 9 months? Is it because it is my second Advance Degree??