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  1. Hi, I would like to know how many days does it take to pick up passport from Mumbai consulate once visa stamp is approved for H4? Thanks
  2. Client address on my LCA and I-129 does not match as my client location changed right after my H1b got approved. The lawyer did not consider that as a material change.
  3. sverma

    221 G PIMS

    That seems pretty simple. Please confirm which location/country?
  4. You have to say the truth, if you have filed then you must tell them. I am pretty sure many people have GC filed when they go for Stamping and H1b is a dual intent visa so should not be an issue.
  5. sverma

    EVC model?

    I am going day after.
  6. Please update if you received a response from the consulate?
  7. What happened in your second round of interview? Please update. Thanks
  8. sverma

    Vancouver Aug 14 - 221g PIMS

    Does it really matter with when you submit DS-160? I heard that it matters mainly when your H1b change of status or H1b extension (valid I-797) was done. As it takes 3-4 months for their systems to get updated. I am hearing different stories here please clarify?
  9. sverma

    H1B Visa: Aug 9 Experience Vancouver

    My presumption came from the assumption of the other guys who have been to the visa office in vancouver, they have responded mentioning that the lady at counter 4 is difficult compared to others. She is rigorous in her process.
  10. sverma

    LCA location and Client location

    You should probably see a laywer about this, just to clarify these doubts which can create unnecessary RFE.
  11. sverma

    H1B Visa: Aug 9 Experience Vancouver

    How many counters are there? Is it random selection? Is there much more scrutiny at counter 4?
  12. sverma

    Tax return forms missing - H1B Stamping

    I have a copy of it. Wouldn't that suffice? I do have original of the other employer
  13. sverma

    Tax return forms missing - H1B Stamping

    I never received w2 from my employer for the year 2012. He has emailed me an attachment of the copy of it. I had two employers in 2012, my previous employer never sent me the w2 but I do have a w2 of my current employer.
  14. Please contact me . my email id is in my profile.
  15. sverma

    H1 B Visa approved on july 26th in vancouver

    Note- when you go to canada put 30 days on immigration paper as your stay ..if you keep 7 to 8 days and you did not recieve your passport in 7 day then you need to go to canada immigration office and extend your stay . Good point this thanks, it is a small thing which can become an issues later or when visiting Canada in future.