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  1. Hi, I have an approved I-140 in EB3 with my current employer. It has been more than 180 days that i have got my I-140. Now i wanted to change the employer so that i can port in for EB2. I have following questions: 1. I am currently in 6th year of my H1B and my current H1 is valid until March 2017. When the new employer files H1 transfer, will i get the H1B Until March 2017 ? or since that i have approved I-140, i will be getting 3 years? 2. If i dont get H1B for 3 years during the transfer, can i use my I-140 for extension with the new company? provided my current employer doesn't revoke my I-140. Appreciate your help !!! Thanks, Sreenivas
  2. Hi, Me and my wife attended visa interview at chennai. VO gave us 221g, asking me to send some additional documents via email. I have sent those documents and this week i have got another 221g with "Please submit your passport at your nearest Visa Application Center" check box checked. i dont know whether i can submit my wife's passport also along with mine, so i have called UStravel docs chennai customer care asking about my wife's passport submission. They have asked me to send an email to support-india@ustraveldocs.com attaching both 221g's. they said they will get back to me in 24 to 48 hours. But its been 4 days, i haven't got any reply to my question. When i call them they are saying that the query has been escalated to the concern department and they are waiting for their response and they cannot comment on the time frame when i will getting a reply at this moment. Now my question is, Instead of waiting for their reply, can i go ahead and submit mine and wife's passport at VAC with the new 221g i have got? Will it create any problem if i submit the passport when a query from my side is still unanswered? Appreciate any response!! Thanks, Srinivas
  3. sreenivas

    PERM approval time EB3 vs EB2

    Hi, i heard that Perm labor approval time woulb be same either we initiate the GC in EB3 or EB2. is it true or it will take more time for EB3 ? Please advice!!! Thanks and Regards Srinivas Kedari
  4. sreenivas

    H4 - Stamping

    Thanks jai for the response!!!
  5. sreenivas

    H4 - Stamping

    Hi, As a H1 holder, do I need to maintain certain amount of funds (ex: 5k or 10k.. ) in my bank account, if my spouse is going for visa stamping ? Or it does depend only on my employerment? Thanks and Regards Srinivas
  6. sreenivas

    H1B Visa Transfer question

    If they can only revoke H1B and they cannot cancel my I-94. legally i can stay in united states right ?
  7. sreenivas

    H1B Visa Transfer question

    Hi Jai, Thanks for your response!!! But i heard, Employer cannot cancel the H1 they can only revoke their sponsor ship. so this is not correct? Thanks Srinivas
  8. sreenivas

    H1B Visa Transfer question

    Hi, I am on H1B visa, my I-94 is valid until 2015. Right now i am planning to move to a different employer, But everyone is asking me to join with H1B transfer reciept number. I feel that is risky and I have following questions in that context. 1. Can my current employer cancel my H1B (I-797) ? I heard that no one can cancel the H1B, they can only cancel the sponsorship by reporting USCIS stating that thay are not going to pay me as i will not be woking , is it true? 2. Assume that i move to a new employer with reciept number and my current employer cancels the sponsorship, and the h1 B transfer fails, what would be my status? should i leave the country? if not, how much time will i have to find another sponsor? I heard i will have time untill my status expires, is it true? Appreciate your responses!!! Thanks Srinivas
  9. sreenivas

    Upgrading EB3 to EB2

    Hi, I have one month shortage of exprience (Bachelors degree in computers + 4 years 11months) with my previous employer in order for me to eligible for EB2. My current employer is willing to start Green card, but becuase of one month shortage they are going to apply that in EB3 category. At this time i am not willing to change the employer as i have long term cntract and the employer is also good. So is it a good idea to start the green card with my current employer in EB3 category and once the labour and I-140 is over changing to a different employer and upgrading it to EB2? if so what is the process? do i need any approvals or documents from my current employer at the time of filing EB2? Appreciate your suggestions!!! Thanks and Regards Srinivas Kedari
  10. Hi, I have mistakenly specified wrong start and end dates of my previous employment in my H1 DS160 when i went for stamping. Now my current employer is starting green card process, during the process i figured out that i have filled wrong dates in my H1 DS160. will it be a problem for my green card if the dates missmatches with DS160? Thanks and Regards Srinivas Kedari
  11. sreenivas

    H1B Visa Eligibility

    Oh ok. Thanks for responding..
  12. sreenivas

    H1B Visa Eligibility

    Hi, One of my friend did three year bachelors degree in India, he doesn't have masters but has 3 - 4 years of software experience. CUrrently he is working in INDIA, Is he eligible for H1B visa? Appreciate your responses!!! Thanks Srinivas
  13. sreenivas

    Successful visa stamping on June 28th @ Vancouver

    Hi, There is no end date in client letter. I don't think its a good idea to mention the end date of a project in client letter. I just metioned its an ongoing project and the VO asked me "any Estimated end date?" i said its a supporting project sir so it will go on.. then he said ok. Hope that helps!!! Thanks
  14. Questions Asked: 1. what is your role? 2. How long with this employer? 3. How long with the client? 4. where do you work? 5. who is your previous employer? 6. asked w2, paystubs, LCA, client letter 7. how long this poject is going to be? do you have an estimated end date for the peroject?
  15. sreenivas

    Urgent - H1B Visa Stamping Query

    @H1Visa639Client knows that i am going for stamping. He said he will try his best to retain me for another project but he also said he cannot promise anything :(