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  1. Swethama

    EAD applied Company A and moved to Company B

    Hi can you please explain more on your question? Do you have an approved i-140 with company A?
  2. Swethama

    Received RFE on H4 EAD

    Hi, I converted from H1 to h4 as well. Basically I-539 is the form you fill to get to the h4 visa. I don't think there are any other forms too apply to get an H4 visa. All they are asking you is an approved H4 copy if my understanding is right. You must have revieved an i-797A for your H4 which you submitted during your stamping... Attach that, Visa(H4) stamp on you passport & i-94 along with Travel history as proof. I think you should be fine.
  3. I am an immigrant and my status (H4+EAD) depends on my spouse's H1-B. My spouses organization hired an immigration firm to provide Visas & other immigration related services to needful employees. our Status & EAD due for an extension with 02/14/19 as last date. We requested the immigration attorneys to file the extensions 90 days before expiry as current USCIS Processing time is very high fearing a delay could cost my job. They dragged their feet with a very lousy process of irrelevant information Collection process and very poor communication. when questioned, they provided us a reason that my Spouse is eligible for Premium Processing & I'll get my H44+EAD along with H1B Approval. Finally, after many arguments with the help of Spouses Manager & HR, they filed extensions in 2nd week of January. Now, we received Approval for my Spouses H1 but not my Visa & EAD. Also, we just found out that the EAD form I-765 was filed incorrectly with my Spouses name instead of mine. Upon raising serious concerns, they say that it is just a "Clerical Error" & there is nothing anyone can do now which resulted in my resignation to my job.
  4. @JoeF: ThankYou. Actually I'm not interested to do any second masters at this point of time. I am just looking for all possible options to maintain my status as said :). I understand your point and it make sense. Thanks again. @rahul412: Will this not be a problem when I refile H1 being on H4? I mean, 1 year gap out of my career? and being on H4 how can I get any employment letter or offer letter?
  5. My opt ends by the end of November 2013 (F1 valid thru July 2014). I filed my H1 through an employer and it is not picked in the lottery. So, to maintain my status I am planning on a few options that I need to plan after November 2013? 1. I came to know that I can still continue my work till my OPT end date. Is that true? 2. H4 as a dependant to my spouse and refile my H1 in April 2014. 3. I am planning to pursue another masters and refile my H1 in April 2014. Is there a possibility to extend my F1 directly? if not what are the other options? a. when do I need to apply for Universities Fall 2013 or Spring 2014? b. If spring 2014? how should I maintain my status from November till January? Which one is better? I need suggestions Please....