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  1. My I-130/485 is in progress and my company is asking me to go for an assignment in Italy. My salary would be paid in US though. Does this create any complication to the pending green card application? I am also on H1b. I plan to return to US every 3 months for 1 week.
  2. Because I might receive the job offer (in 2 weeks) before EAD comes thru. (approx 71 days)
  3. Hi I am curious to know how this scenario works. I have filed for my green card thru my wife (US citizen) , concurrent filing of I-130/485, 765 and 131. I am currently on H1B with employer A I have a job offer from employer B Employer B is willing to transfer the H1B Does this jeopardize the AOS application in anyway? Any insights are appreciated.
  4. why do you keep asking same question again and again??
  5. premium processing will make sure that your case is adjudicated in 15 days. I can't say about the receipt because in many cases it is emailed in 1 day. Ask your employer's attorney if he has received the receipt. Your other question regarding the bridging petition. It is the petition for H1 petition whose outcome is dependent on another h1petition that is being adjudicated. Scenario 1- You file for H1 extension prior to expiration of I-94 but you are still waiting and your I-94 has expired thus you are in 240 days rule 2. you file for an H1 transfer thru a different employer. 3. Your new H1 transfer approval will depend on how your extension application is adjudicated because they both are now linked. This it the best of my understanding.
  6. Hi I am on H1b extension (which means I have an I -94 but visa is not stamped on the passport). I am in the process of filing my green card thru my wife (US citizen) Should I also apply for Advanced parole or schedule H1b visa interview when I travel abroad?
  7. If this is a regular extension application, then 4-7 months .. Yes perfectly legal. No issues.
  8. shouldn't be any problem. I would suggest that you upgrade your transfer to premium processing because of long delays.
  9. So here is the situation H1 extension filed on regular processing I-94 has already expired Planning to file family green card (married to US citizen) Question - Would there be an issue regarding adjustment of status since H1 extension is still pending and I-94 has expired? or should i wait to get H1 extension approval before green card comes thru.
  10. Hi I have a question. Is it possible to transfer the H1B visa while the current company has filed the transfer application that is still not approved. The I-94 is already expired and 240 days rule is applicable
  11. L12H1

    regular processing since june?

    did you upgrade it to premium?
  12. L12H1

    H1B Extension status and information

    nbanuri - any update?
  13. L12H1

    Urgent!!!!H1b extension query

    what date in June did you apply?