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  1. krishnanj

    H1B Visa Renewal In India

    Hi, Can some one plz help me with below questions. 1. Im travelling India in August 2013 and i have to go for H1b renewal. Im from Andhrapradesh and planning to Attend Visa Interview in Mumbai. Is that allowed ? 2. Once Visa approved, to what address passport will be delivered. I will be in mumbai for only 3 days, so wondering where would the passport delivery be.
  2. krishnanj

    H1 B Visa stamp at Hyderabad in August 2013

    Can anyone tell me .. 1. If Visa is approved in Canda, how long it is taking to get passport back (average) 2. Hows is H1b Visa stamping in hyd consulate
  3. Hi All, Im planning to travel India on August 2013 and i have to attend Visa since my previous visa has expired and also i changed my employer recently (6 months back). I came to US in 2011 on XYZ(Big company) on H1 B and trasfered to another big consulting company in US on 2012 Nov. Im on EC model(no layers). Me>Employer>Client My current client doesnt give letter however they respond to USCIS when there is an RFE. Can anyone answer below questions, 1. What are the chances of visa approval since employement history is good. 2. Is client letter mandatory at hyderabad 3.what is the probability for RFE 4. Will they directly deny/reject visa without any RFE My first H1 B stamping was done at Hyderabad, it was very cool, just 2 questions where is your client and who is your manager, i never worried or tensed that time sicne, my empoyer is big and they will fight back for any RFE. My current employer says, consulates in India are simply denying h1b visas, not sure how far their statements are true. If this is the case, none can travel India anytime until they get GC :) Thanks, Krishna NJ