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  1. bgl

    Hello SKC40 

    I am in a similar situation like you for renewing my DL in Texas. I transfer from one school to another. The DPS office at texas are not able to verify my information after visiting DMV three time. when I spoke with my DSO he informed me that every thing looks ok from their side.

    I wanted to know what to tell the DSO at the new school so that they can properly put my information again.

    Please advise.


    Thank you 

  2. skc40

    How long for I-485 approval

    @bv2006, yap Looks like it. thanks for the info.
  3. I am in ROW category. I-485/I-140 filed concurrently. I-140 approved (EB2) on July 8, 2015. Biometrics done on July 28. How long will it take for I-485 to be approved and receive green card? Texas service center shows processing dates of October 20, 2014 for Employment-based adjustment applications. Does this apply to all employment based applications? Thank you
  4. Sister company applied PERM application (EB2). During PERM process (application already submitted to DOL), whole department from sister company was moved to parent company. Sister company operates as its own entity. At the parent company, the job title is different, but responsibilities are same. PERM got approved recently and priority date is current (based on country of birth) Company lawyer already initiated H1B amendment. Law firm provides two options. 1. file 140 under sister company. After I 140 is approved, file PERM under parent company and when PERM is approved, file I 485 as they would not be able to show "successor of interest". 2nd option (if parent company is flexible), is to file I 140 and I 485 concurrently and after 485 is approved, join sister company for a reasonable time and then move to parent company. For option # 1, company will need to bear extra expenses and going through PERM process would take additional year whereas for option # 2, there are some diplomatic hurdles inside the company. Has anyone been in this situation? How was the situation resolved? Which would be the better option for me, the company and the law firm? Or is another option? Please provide some information. Thanks in advance.
  5. skc40

    President Obama's Immigration Plan

    For F1 OPT improvements, do you think BSN (Bachelor of Science in Nursing) or **** (Master of Science in Nursing) will be included for STEM extension?
  6. skc40

    work visa for foreign nurse

    Is your diploma equivalent to 2 year degree (Associates) or Bachelor's? If it's a 2 year degree, universities in Texas do have RN-BSN (check for UT Arlington) program designed for students who has 2 year degree and in need of a Bachelor's degree. You may apply for RN-BSN program, convert H4 to F1 and complete the program. You would be eligible for OPT after completion of the degree and with your experience, finding a job should not be an issue. Good luck.
  7. No you won't as that's the standard process. Make sure that you don't work after OPT expiration period..
  8. 1. You are maintaining F1 status. No harm on that. 2. If you are in F1 status, you do not have to leave the country and re-enter. If your F1 visa is expired and you want to travel, then yes, you would have to reapply for F1 visa. 3. No, don't transfer SEVIS before OPT expires. If you do, your OPT period will expire on the day you transferred SEVIS. 4. Yes, they can. I-20 will only be issued by your new university when you transfer SEVIS. I suggest you to contact ISO and get more information about the questions you've asked.
  9. You got wrong information. Community Colleges are run by tax-payer money and almost each county in the US has community college. If you check any community college's website, i.e. (Phoenix--Maricopa county community college, Austin--- Austin Community College, Dallas--Dallas county Community college, Fort Worth--Tarrant County Community College, norther Virginia--northern Virginia community college to name few) they have designated international office where F1 students can enroll and gain credits towards Associates degree or transfer those credits to 4 yr. university. In most cases, community colleges partner with public university where students can enroll con-currently. Once students completes the degree (Associates degree) or is in process of completion (last semester), they'll need to contact ISO office and apply for graduation and OPT in co-ordination with ISO. But in your case, you're applying for Master's degree and if you are planning to enroll into community college then that would not be a good idea :)
  10. If you have already asked your current university to release SEVIS to the new university and the new university has provided you with new I 20, then your work period has ended. You should have asked to release SEVIS after July 2.
  11. Since, you have visa until May 2015, you can travel to and from the US. After your application process is complete, transfer SEVIS and notify the ISO about your intent to travel. The new university's ISO will provide you with valid I20 and necessary documents to travel.
  12. skc40

    Grace period for OPT-STEM students

    I don't know about changing to other status, but if you want to continue being in F1 status, apply for colleges for Spring 2015 and get an approval letter. After that ask your ISO to release SEVIS after October 31st. Releasing SEVIS before October 31st would terminate your OPT. Also, do not work after October 31. Enjoy your time-off after October 31 and before start of spring semester.
  13. skc40

    F1 Transfer - Need Advice ASAP

    Transferring from one university to the other should not cause status issues. But since you are in Master's program, you may not be able to transfer all your courses from university in Virgina to university in Seattle-- you need to check with requirements in university in Seattle as well as apply to the university and talk with ISO to consult the transfer process.
  14. skc40

    F-1 Sevis Transfer

    No you won't. At this time, apply for college and get approval documents from the university that you're applying into. And then transfer SEVIS only after OPT expires. If you transfer your SEVIS during OPT period, you'll lose your work period. The two months period would be your vacation time to prepare for PHD :)
  15. 1 academic calendar for F1 student is 2 full semester (Fall, Spring) with 12 or more credit hours for undergrad and 9 or more for Grad in each semester. Intl Students can enroll in less credit hour during last semester of graduation (in your case 6). Talk to ISO about taking 6 credit hours in final semester-they know more about the rules. Or if you are not comfortable with taking 6 credits, you can take 3 credit hour in Summer, 9 in Fall, and 9 in Spring and that should satisfy the full-time course load and make you eligible for OPT.