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  1. If your visa is applied using old passport the validity of the H1-B will be exactly the expiration date of the passport. You can carry both passports for stamping if required.
  2. kumar_y

    H1B Visa Stamp - Dropbox Hyderabad

    Yes you can go and collect the passport. Do remember that passport collecting hours differ if I remember correctly it's 1400 to 1500
  3. You will have problem or it's Illegal if you are getting paid less than LCA amount.
  4. kumar_y

    HIB stamping at HYD for me and my WIfe

    Both are H1-B in the case so which window VO will call you by number you need to go there because she is not going for H4 visa.
  5. kumar_y

    Canada stamping

    The answer is Yes
  6. kumar_y

    Am i eligible for drop box in india

    Are you working for employer B?
  7. kumar_y

    H1-B Petition Denial in DS-160

    When your employer applied for your H-1 b you were on F1-status meaning you had valid visa. Since you never went for H1-B visa stamping and your F-1 was never rejected the answer is No.
  8. kumar_y

    Montreal 221-G

    They are just doing additional back ground check and as soon as its completed they will approved your visa.
  9. kumar_y

    No Client letter, tijuana mexico

    Can your client atleast write the same saying "they don't give client letter"?
  10. kumar_y

    Visa Stamping in project expiring in month

    My current i 94 expires on 31 Dec 2015 and if won't go for stamping then my extended I-94 for new approval will not help me. I'll have only 3 weeks left when I return to country. As you already have the extension approved your I-94 will be updated depending what dates you got for latest I-797.
  11. kumar_y

    Urgent**visa appointment

    You need to have the copy of I-797 for sure. If you have the original it always better. Best thing to do will be checking consulate website in India and check the checklist documents.
  12. kumar_y

    Visa interview doubt.

    May2013 for Client A as employer and previous employer will be who ever was prior to May 2013
  13. kumar_y

    Visa question help

    This is your first H-1B only because the amount of time never went over with any of the employer.
  14. kumar_y

    DS 160 question

    what does it says in LCA? What ever it says in LCA you need to specified in DS 160
  15. kumar_y

    Visa question help

    Your H1-b is Valid with Emp B
  16. kumar_y

    Got 221g. Please help me

    Well for starters you are showing the proof saying client doesn't give the letter due to company policy. After you done it's up to the VO to adjudicate the case
  17. kumar_y

    Got 221g. Please help me

    You have to send the copy of email saying client doesn't give client letter.
  18. 1) is there anyway to retrieve the existing application? You need last name and DOB year for that 2) CanI fill out new DS160 and use for existing appointment.?? YES 3) Should I cancel appointment and complete new DS160 for new appointment? You can create new DS160 form and update in the appointment
  19. kumar_y

    //Urgent// H1 B Stamping on 11/06 in Canada

    The DS160 number will be expired and you can create new DS160 when ever you are booking the appointment.
  20. kumar_y

    DS-160 form Question

    Why can't you create the new DS 160? The previous DS 160 you can't edit once you got the confirmation along with your picture
  21. If you have the I-797 you need apply for the duplicate copy for sure. Ask your employer to apply for I-824 form
  22. kumar_y

    DS 160 and Appointment fee transfer

    You cannot use the same MRV fees anywhere except Jamaica. You have pay again 190$ to any consulate you are trying to go and you need to have the updated new DS160 form with new consulate location on it.
  23. Let the appt be same , however have new DS 160 form with location as Ottawa and update the usa-info
  24. kumar_y

    DS160 Question

    @ different location meaning new DS 160.